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Monday, May 18, 2009

Whole day of makeovers

On Friday morning, I decide to do some makeovers! My baby was happier...he got to be outside running his bicycle while I was working. These are a few makeovers that I work that day…. a scope, a towel rack, a cutting board, unfinished wood, a bowl.

I start my day with the rack and the cutting board; I got them at Goodwill for $2.00 and $1.00 respectively. First, I painted both in black, and then I used yellow ochre for the rack and raw sienna for the cutting board, sanded and stained.



This scoop that I had got at a Hospice Thrift Store for $2.00 was hand painted ( sorry... I take the pic after I sanded), but I decide to give it a new look....I like it much better!

Unfinished pine wood for 75 cents, I painted it barn red over black, finishing then gameboard with yellow ochre and antique white, then sanded and stained it. Nice gameboard!!!

The last makeover was the bowl, I found it last year at $5.00 in Marshalls, and I decide that is time for a new color. I sanded a little bit and put dark walnut stain on it. I love it…. I think it looks better now.



Until next time! I hope that this week I found new treasures in the TS . Bye, bye…


  1. WOW, your bowls looks absolutely prim perfect!! Great goodies!!

  2. I love all your remakes. You did a great job on them. The rack is my favorite. The color is great.

  3. What great eye candy!
    They all look so prim and beautiful.

  4. I like your makeovers, especially the game board. Great job!!


  5. Great makeovers!! Gotta love thrift finds and paint!!

  6. WOW - somehow I missed several posts - you have been a busy one with all the great makeovers!!