I just like to thank you for taking the time to sit back and visit my blog. I am blessed to have a healthy family, beautiful kids and a lovely dog. Love to share ideas and decorations with you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hi girls,

Today I found a blog named
Aunties with advice and she is requesting prayers for this little boy. His name is Marcus. He has been diagnosed with Chiari I Malformation and will undergo brain/ spinal surgery this coming Tuesday. Please, if you can take time and make a prayer for Marcus, Niki and family.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day !!!!!

Hi girls, here some pic's of the flag in my home... Happy Flag Day to all!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Go to see new Giveaways

If you love American decor go to Our Primitive Heart . Cyndi has a beautiful giveaway for July 4th. You can participate at http://touchofsunshine.blogspot.com. Go to see the details. Good luck !!!

Run and check the blogs below. Also, they had giveaway for this month ....





Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday!

Hi prim girls,
Today is Whatcha Working on Wednesday! at Leslie's blog,
My Country Home.
Few days ago, I was in a TS and I saw a wall cupboard, nice and sturdy (great construction) but it cost $8.00. I was thinking that it is to much for TS finding and leave it. After that, I am thinking on it every day. My mind always saying to me.... What are you thinking ? Why you leave it? $8.00 is a bargain. It was so nice for a makeover .... go again, and if you find it , grab it. I can wait one day more, I was in the TS and when I saw it I almost jump to the ceiling . I was working on these projects today.


See the candle holder drawing in this piece of wood,

Some pieces of wood that I had...


Bye , bye and see you soon...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TS Findings

Hi girls,
Today, I have better luck. I spend $8.50 ( including tax) and found the following:

Spool lamp - $4.00

Old Pineapple mold - $1.00
Candle holder with candle - $3.00 ( from Virginia Metalcrafters)

Basket - 50 cents
I think they are good items but my favorite is the candle holder.... What do you think ???

New doll was added to my shoppe at Country Fried Primitives.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New makeover

Hi prim girls, this weekend I didn't have time to visit the yard sales in my area. Only I make a little stop in my favorite TS on Saturday, but the only thing that I found was a wood ice bucket. It only cost $1.50 and was in a good condition. I painted it in antique white, sanded and stained.

See pic's....

Sorry, I forgot to take the picture before the base coat.

On Thursday, I was in the GW and I found the following: A wood rack, two pottery mugs, they are brown inside a cream and blue in the outside. They comes signed by the artist and dated 1991. All in this picture is 50 cents except for the rack , it was $ 2.79. Probably it is a little expensive for a GW but it measured about 26" long for 5 " wide. Stay tune for the makeovers.

Bye, bye and see you soon.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

** Whatcha Working on Wednesday! **

Hi prim girls,
Today is Whatcha Working on Wednesday! at Leslie's blog,
My Country Home.
This is my second time participating on it. Early in the morning, I was working on three projects for my selling blog. See pictures of them,

Prairie Doll Bag Holder

Two pinkeeps,If you want prices or more details of them, you can access my selling blog using the picture in the left column.

I will take a break for lunch and continue in the afternoon with some makeovers... Stay tune....

******* MAKEOVERS *******

It's me again.....Few days ago I posted a box that I found in a YS for 50 cents. It has a beautiful brown color, but is too plain for my taste. Before my makeover,

This gameboard had apples painted on it. I thought that it needs a huge change....
I painted it black, sanded then I stenciled " Checkers ..... 25 cents a game" and painted a yellow ochre star. Sanded again and stained with dark walnut. See it now.... I think it looks awesome.

Bye , Bye .... see you in the next "Whatcha Working on Wednesday".

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My new cupboard

Hi girls..... Few weeks ago I found this piece in a Thrift Store. It had some imperfections but a great potential. Obviously, I look to the future... 4 steps: clean, sand, paint and stain and it will be an amazing piece. I forgot to tell you the price...... only $30.00, probably is high price for a TS find , but for a cupboard.... Here is the picture before,
Please, give me your opinion. What do you think?? Also, I want to share with you my new findings...

This pewter set was 50 cents/ea piece. The large wood gameboard was $3.00.

In an antique store I paid $7.00 for this crock.

This old cast iron corn mold was $4.00 in a TS.

These two pieces are $5.00 total.
Sorry, they looks better.... these pictures are too bright. See you soon with new makeovers .... Bye, Bye.

New items were added today to my selling blog.