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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My new cupboard

Hi girls..... Few weeks ago I found this piece in a Thrift Store. It had some imperfections but a great potential. Obviously, I look to the future... 4 steps: clean, sand, paint and stain and it will be an amazing piece. I forgot to tell you the price...... only $30.00, probably is high price for a TS find , but for a cupboard.... Here is the picture before,
Please, give me your opinion. What do you think?? Also, I want to share with you my new findings...

This pewter set was 50 cents/ea piece. The large wood gameboard was $3.00.

In an antique store I paid $7.00 for this crock.

This old cast iron corn mold was $4.00 in a TS.

These two pieces are $5.00 total.
Sorry, they looks better.... these pictures are too bright. See you soon with new makeovers .... Bye, Bye.

New items were added today to my selling blog.



  1. I'm lovin the cupboard. Great makeover and $30 was a really good price for it. The antique crock is my favorite. Is that a round grater in the last picture?
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. All I can say is WoW!!!
    Those are great finds..and a wonderful redo!
    You can NEVER go wrong with purchasing a storage cabinet!

  3. Wow...you got some great finds!! And I love the cupboard redo!!!