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Friday, September 18, 2009

Crock Bench Tutorial

 Hi Prim girls,

I am not an expert  "Tutorial Maker " like Kris from Simply Prim or Char from The Pickled Pepper Patch, but I will show you the steps that I followed to make this project, a Crock Bench. Love Kris and Char's blogs and their awesome ideas. 

You will made this project for only $16.97.  Yes, that is the quantity that I spend in the materials ( including tax).  This project is very similar to the dry sink tutorial that I posted days ago. 

You'll need the following materials:

  • piece of 1" x 12" x 4' wood board
  • piece of 1" x10" x 6' wood board
  • piece of 3/4" x 3" x 6' wood board
  • scrap of wood of  2" x 25 "
  • wood nails
  • wood glue
  • sander
  • gig saw
  • Paints ( I choose black and barn red)
  • Stain

Using a piece of 1x10, cut 2 pieces of 29 1/2" long.  In one side of the piece, measure 2" from the edges to inside and mark each points. Measure 5" from the bottom of the piece to the top and draw a semi circle. Connect that semi circle with the points from the edges. Make the same in the next piece.

Your bench legs will look like this.

Take your 1x12 board to make the top and the bottom pieces of the table. Measure 25" from the edge and cut your first piece (this will be the table top) and your shelf will be the remain quantity of the board (23 inches long).

We are ready to mount the bench. Take your bench legs and measured 14 inches since the edge, mark and placed the bottom shelf.  Put the piece between legs and secure it with glue and nails.

Now, put the table top using the piece of 25 inches. Remember, use glue and nail to secure each piece  to give strength to the bench.  Look how it looks with all pieces together.

Using the board  of 3/4" x 3" cut  the following: a piece of 25" long and  place it in the back of the table top.   Now cut two pieces of wood  of 11 3/4"  for the sides of the top.  I took one side of the board and make a drawing of a curve to give character to the piece.  Make the same to the other piece.  Secure them on both sides of the top.

Your top will looks like this.

To give support to the piece attached a piece of wood to the back of the bench.

Your piece is now finished..

Round the edges and make sure all sanding has been completed prior to painting. Give the base color and then apply the color you want.  In this piece I used barn red over black.

To give a distressed look, use the sander and remove paint in the specific areas to create a worn look.

Then apply stain. Now your piece looks old and primitive.

  Love this new piece. 

Well, I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much I enjoyed making this piece.

Bye, Bye and see you soon..... Evelyn



  2. Oh I just love the bench..I may try this one myself, I have plenty of crocks I can display on it! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. What a neat bench! Thanks for the tutorial. Just might make this tomorrow.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial!!!...I've always wanted one....Have a good weekend!!

  5. What a wonderful bench to hold primitives.
    Your tutorial is easy to follow, now if i can just get my husband to build me one;)


  6. Thank you for sharing the idea!! I have just the spot for one, and I am hoping hubby will build it. Love your blog.

  7. That turned out fabulous, Evelyn!! Great tutorial!! Isn't it fun making your own furniture?!! You go, girl!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. WHOA girl - you are on a roll with these awesome new pieces!! I think your tutorial was great!!But the finished pieces - even better!!

  9. I'd say your are right up there! WHAT A GREAT TUTORIAL. Even I could follow that one....and I don't cut with wood.
    I'm going to copy and save this for my husband - he's on a roll right now with working with wood so guess I'll keep him going....lol


  10. Hello. Thanks for the great tutorial. That is a really cute project. My husband is the woodworker. I am just the painter. I will definitely be adding this project to my wish list. Blessings to you.

  11. You made that look so easy. Your project looks wonderful! I might try doing a crock bench.

  12. Thanks so much for this....gotta get hubby movin...lol


  13. Love the furnished piece!! Thanks for sharing how to make it!!

  14. GREAT TUTORIAL!! Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait to try making this one myself.
    ~ Shannon ~

  15. Great Tutorial...It is a beautiful accent...I would love to try one..Thanks for posting this..I am going to share it with my sisters

    Thanks so much for posting my Give Away..really appreciate it.

    I love this blog..Sue Mc

  16. Some of you girls make these tutorials look so easy but I'm still doubting I could do any of it. I love your crock bench. You chose a very nice color for the finish as well. What a perfect addition this would be to my familyroom. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I think you are a great tutorial writer. Can't wait to make this one!

  18. Wow a beautiful piece of work. I love it.

    Stopped by to thank you for stopping by my blog and signing up for my give away. Good luck

    I am following you now...


  19. ooh thats an awesome tuitorial thank you so much for posting hoping my bf will make me one of these for christmas :)

  20. Love! Love!! Love!!!

    Good job! I am soooo making this!!!!


  21. love this can't wait to try one for myself

  22. I know what hubby is making me this weekend!! I have the perfect spot too!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Wonderful tut!!

  23. we just made a crock bench mine is a little more rustic but i love this i would love to make this one for my bedroom oh honey where art though look at this i love it wonderful job

  24. What a beautiful piece. I'm so glad I kept strolling back in your older posts.

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