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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Watcha Working on Wednesday

Hi girls,
 Today is my favorite day of the week, since I found "Watcha Working on Wednesday" in Leslies' blog http://sweets-mycountryhome.blogspot.com/,  I'm always trying to make something that day.  Now I am working with some projects at the same time, cross stitch, dolls and makeovers for my baths.  Also, I started some projects for my " Olde Fashioned Christmas Swap", I hope I finish and send my package in the next week. I need to finish my swaps early in the month to work with my Christmas giveaway.  Stay tuned, I will post about it by the second week of November.

I found this tin candle holder in the TS...

It is in nice condition but  the cowboy boot is not what I need for my bath.  Few days ago, Lisa from Black Sheep Prims  paint a lamp using multicolor texture paint, and the final result was awesome. See her post at http://blacksheepprims.blogspot.com/2009/10/what-have-i-been-up-too.html . Well, I used the same paint to change this piece and stitched a Primitive Bettys design to cover the boot.  Love her patterns.

And here is how the candle holder looks now..... 

What do you think? For me,  it looks better. Thanks Lisa for share your makeover with us.

Remember my  WWoW post last week, I was working with some doll bodies, here is one of them completely finished.   This prim doll was made using a T.F.C. Folk art pattern,she is beautiful and smell so good. She will be in my selling blog, I'll be posting new items for sale this week..

And now I will continue with another cross stitch...

Bye, bye and see you soon, 


  1. I was wondering what you were going to do with that boot. LOL Your new lantern is one of my favorite makeovers I have seen! Great job!

  2. You made a world of difference in your lamp Evelyn. I really love the look of it now.
    Very prim doll. Love her too.
    Enjoy your day,

  3. Evelyn,
    I love how your lamp turned out ~ awesome job. Great prim doll, too. Have a good week.

  4. What a difference...I would have never thought of doing that!
    You bloggers are the best inspiration givers!
    Nice doll..you do fine work!

  5. i love the makeover evelyn! it turned out awesome!
    you have become a cross stitching speed stitcher! lol
    have a good wed.

    i also in in cahrs swap...i need to get going huh. ♥ mercy

  6. YOu go girl, that turned out AWESOME!! What a creative mind you have!! I am so loving that doll too!

  7. Well look you go!! Doing all of this stitching! LOL It's addicting, isn't it? I already finished Betty's "Thankful" sampler and have started one from Pineberry Lane.
    I love your makeover! It turned out fabulous!!

    Take care,

  8. I can't get over that candle holder. Looks like it should have always been that way. I nee to get me some of that paint! Your doll and stitcheries are awesome too!

  9. OH WOW! I love that candle light, great idea! You did a wonderful job on it!!
    Love your dollie too ;)

  10. It turned out great and I love your cross stitching...love the prim doll too:)

  11. Love your candle holder makeover!! It is really primtastic! Love your doll too! :)

    Have a great evening!

  12. great job on everything! Love that candleholder!

  13. WOW!!! Love the lamp redo!!!

    I now have cross stitch fabric to try these great patterns.


  14. Evelyn,
    Oh, my goodness! The transformation of that candle lamp is amazing! Great work!

    You made me smile when I read that Wednesday is now your favorite day, thanks to me. How sweet of you :) I'm happy that people are still enjoying my silly little idea over a year later :)

    Have a great rest of your day!