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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whatcha working on Wednesday

Hi Girls,
Today is Whatcha Working on Wednesday! at Leslie's blog, My Country HomeGo there to see what girls in the blog land are working on....

I was working on some items this weekend for my selling blog.  Since I made my first cross stitch I can leave the needle in the sewing box. Every spare time in this weekend was for cross stitching, I made running stitch since I was a little girl.   I think I had 7 or 8 years when my aunt show me how to stitch and I was hooked.   But, you are completely right, cross stitching is like an addiction and I confess now....I'm addicted to it. I love how the stitcheries looks when I finished them. Here some that I made during the weekend.

 First, I made this tuck for me using another beautiful pattern of Primitives Bettys.

These are a set that I named Four Seasons, it will be in my selling blog so soon. I will show you more pictures and details in my SB.

And this is what I am working now,

Come later to see how I finished them.... See you soon, Evelyn


  1. don't you just love betty's charts for cross stitch? your week end sewing is beautiful! fun huh! ♥ mercy

  2. Oh I love your stitcheries!....that is one thing that I have not tried yet...is them small primitive "X" stitches....might make my eyes go boggled!!!....but those tucks are wonderful...I love them framed too!...Oh, someday soon I might try my hand at them...but, for now I have a pile of wood just calling my name!...oops!...that was my kids!...hehehehehehehehe

  3. I love your tuck and small stitchery's!! I just bought a pattern to start stitching again! Can't wait to get started...yours are great!

  4. Your little stitcheries are so sweet and I really love what you're working on now.

  5. evelyn, they look great , now you can do whatever you want in cross stitch, check jeremiah junction patterns, are not primitive but are extremelly pretty,

  6. Those are too cute. I have a bunch of free patterns to try, but just can't seem to find the time to sit and do it.


  7. You are just a stitchin' away! Good for you!!! :) Your ~*Wicked*~ finish is GREAT! I just posted your sweet, ~*Silent Holy Night*~ finish on my blog to share.

    Thank you for working with the designs & sharing!