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Monday, October 5, 2009

Yelloware molds, new tutorial and other goodies

Hello Prim girls,
It has been  more than a week that I made a post. For me is too much, I think I'm addicted to this...LOL.  My kids were sick this week one with cold and other with throat infection and flu. Thanks God was not "Swine". Also, I was sneezing and coughing all the weekend, that was the reason to stop my new wood piece. I design it few weeks ago, but we were working on it during this week. I hope I will finish my new piece today.  I will make a deal  with you guys, if you like it, leave a message in this post and I will sharing a new tutorial of this piece with you.What do you think??? I’ll show you a sneak peek!

Due my kids illness, I have not make much "thrifting" last week. But on Friday, they are better and we go out  and as always make a stop in my favorite TS, it is a little place but always I found something primitive in it. And  this week I am not disappointed,  look what I found...

Yes, three antique molds, two yelloware and one cream colored .

The better, the prices $3 and $4.  Also, the old blue mason jar was $5. Not to bad for a TS. I was like a kid in Christmas.... Happy, happy, haaaapppyyy.  I have a question for you, they remember you somebody?..... If your response is Linda, you are correct. When I see them I think in Linda, her blog Behind my Red Door is one of my favorites, not only for her amazing pictures, but I learned so much for colonial things that I loved since I found her in the CS & MG Magazines. Yes, I started blogging since I read those articles, and Thanks God after that I found your awesome blogs and amazing people in the blog land.  I'm not a "copy cat person" but I think if you loved something you need to learn from the people who know about the theme. I loved her informative/educational posts like redware, pottery, bittersweet, you named.  They are so helpful. Thank you Linda! 

My next stop (in the same route) was a new TS that opened two weeks ago. It was behind a large  Warehouse and I never see the little sign that they had. Do you believe that??? A TS always needs a LARGER SIGN. Do you agree with me?  Well , look what I found in there.. 

All the pieces are in very good condition, no cracks, no chips. Simply perfect! And low prices , all including tax for $27.25. What a great deal.  Last Friday was my lucky day... LOL.


Also, I found a few things a couple weeks ago in the Goodwill and I would share them with you today because I forgot to make pic's of them before.

A little desk, a bench and a table, all for $20.00. Sorry , I forgot the pictures before the makeovers...

A little crock, stamped #1 from Roseville Pottery,  Ohio for $2.49 ( in mint condition), and the framed star quilt for $1.00 ( see behind the crock).

Bye, Bye and see you soon... Evelyn


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! You hit the jackpot with those molds! I have paid up to 10 times that much!! Wonderful finds at the other TS as well!!

  2. You got some great things!! I would love to see a tutorial on what it is that you are creating!! Looks fab!!

  3. I am drooling as i type!! What great finds and the prices too! I am liking the wood piece so far, cant wait to see it finsihed up!

  4. Wow!! You hit the jackpot with those molds, Evelyn!! Fantastic price!! Love all of your other goodies, too!!
    Can't wait to see your wood project done!!

    Take care,

  5. Wow! What great thrift stores you have!!Wonderful goodies!!...Hope you all get to feeling better soon~~hugs,Jen

  6. WOWEEE! What fabulous finds! I LOVE LOVE the pineapple mold!!
    Hope you and the fam feel better-soon! :)

    have a happy day♥

  7. Oh what neat finds. Would love to see a tutorial on your wood project.

  8. Hi, Hope you are feeling better and the family also. Love the molds. Your wood piece looks interesting can"t wait to see it finished up. thank you for sharing. toni

  9. What awesome stuff....I cannot believe you found those yelloware molds....Love em!

  10. I hope you and yours are feeling much better. I was sick for over two weeks with something not unlike what you all had...it was awful!
    OMW, massively outrageously wonderful finds! :) I am green with envy over those molds!!!!
    Tutorial please. :D

  11. WOW - those molds are beautiful. You definitely found some wonderful prim goodies!! Thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful week.


  12. Wow, did you ever luck out at the TS! I have only seen pictures of the molds. Love your bowls, especially the spongeware. I am a bowl finatic, And blue lover :). I do like your cupboard. Can't wait to see it finished and what you will do with it.

  13. I LOVE the wood piece you are working on!I can't wait to see it finished!I hope you will share a tutorial for it!I also love the molds that you found at the TS!I hope you and your family are feeling better.
    Prim hugs,

  14. Wow ~ I love those molds. What a find. Can't wait to see what you are up to.

  15. I am in love with the crock and what a steal!!!