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Monday, November 30, 2009

Some pictures of my Christmas Decor

Hi Prim girls,
Here you will find some pictures of my Christmas decor. I'm not finished yet, the second floor, baths, kitchen and outside are pending. Since I started few weeks ago I was changing some things around the house. I am not completely sure if I will make more changes during this week. Please, give me your opinion.
Today, I was working with the recipe to make my gingerbread men.  I am using the Colleen's recipe  that Linda from Behind my red door shows in her blog.  Also, I bought all the ingredients to make my snowman faces that Kris from Simply Prim post last week.   They looks awesome!

Living Room

Family Room

Foyer and Hallway

 Bye, Bye and see you soon, 


  1. Oh my, I love everything! Especially your big Christmas tree with all those prim ornies!

  2. Everything looks so prim and warm.
    Also, your house is way too neat;)


  3. Oh my, your tree is so prim and PERFECT! I LOVE it all, and that sled in the corner is wonderful:)

  4. I like everything so far :) That big tree is my favorite by far. It is so full of alot of really nice prims :)

    Good Luck on the Gingerbreadmen. I want to make some myself but not sure if I will have time. I guess I just might have to make the time...LOL.

    Can't wait to see some more pics.

  5. Beautiful! Everything looks wonderful! I started makind Kris' snowmen this weekend. I didn't stain them, but I did cover them in mica flakes and they look adorable. I'll be posting them once they are all done. I made two big ones and now I'm trying to make a couple of top hats! Wish me luck! LOL

  6. Everything looks so Christmasy!! I love it all...your sled looks good sitting in the corner :)

  7. Your Christmas decor is just beautiful!! There are so many wonderful images, I can't choose a favorite although your Christmas tree is stunning!
    Thanks for your offer to pick me up some candle greens. I think I'd like to take you up on that offer. I'm going to see if there's a link here so I can e-mail you.
    Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

  8. Everything looks great, Evelyn!! Love the tree in the firkin and the light and greens in the skate!! Very cute! Can't wait to see your snowmen ornaments!!

    Take care,

  9. So very pretty!

    Wooster OH

  10. i love your little trees in the crocks. too cute! very,very prim!! i love it !~

  11. I am just sittin here going ohhhhhhh ahhhhhh and my family is lookin' at me like I've done flipped my lid lol Your home looks sooooo inviting and wow everything is just so primtastic. Love Love Love it all !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  12. Love everything but your tree is awesome! Thanks for sharing.. Sherrie

  13. Absolutely LOVE all of your decorations. It looks primtastic. Where did you find all of your bowls for your bowl rack? I love them!!

    Thanks for sharing your home with us!!


  14. Your house looks wonderful, Evelyn! I LOVE love all the prim ornies on your tree!


  15. I love your bowl keep and your bowls.. did it take a long time to collect them? I want to have one - don't know where to start..

  16. Your decorations are all so lovely! :)

  17. I thought I had your blog in my blog list and just realized that I didn't! well I do now so I am just now seeing your Christmas decor and I love it all! love that big tree with all the prim ornaments, love the two trees in crocks on either side of the fireplace and the sled, love the sled! I have an olde sled too that I lean on one side of the fireplace!

    Everything looks wonderful!

    P.S. I send you an email in response to the message you left me on my blog, I'm sorry you were having trouble contacting me!