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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Watcha Working on Wednesday

Hi prim girls,
Today is WWoW in Leslies' blog My Country Home.  Go to her blog to see what other girls are working on.  

Last week,  I was in my favorite TS and  founded this big wood sleigh. It cost me $5.00.  Today, I finished its makeover and  the Santa that will be in.  The Santa is a T.F.C. Folk Art design, love their patterns.  I painted it barn red over black, distressed and stained. I think it looks better. What do you think?

See picture of it before,

  Also, in the same TS  I founded this beautiful tree in perfect condition for only $4. 

I almost die when I see it, it is big, about 3' tall.  I saw the same tree in a prim shop near the TS for $35.  When I see the price I hug it until an employee ask me if she can hold the tree until I finished my tour for the shop.  Probably she saw my face and thinks that I found a treasure or something like that. (LOL).  I will used it to decor my Master Bath, I will show you the pictures later.  Both TS goodies are just perfect for this season.

Do you remember when I found a love seat for $25 , if not here is my post Tweaking on Thursday.  Well , yesterday I founded this nice chair, and it is a recliner.  It cost me only $14.50.  Here is the picture of it and how it looks in my LR now.

After I finished the snowman for my giveaway, I decide to make some snowmen for me too. I  already finished this prim guy, he is just beautiful. 

See my previous post for my Christmas Giveaway!

Bye, bye and see you soon.


  1. Wow Evelyn, you sure have found some neat and prim items at the TS! Love the chair too and the sled turned out perfect!

  2. Evelyn, you certainly know how to find a bargain and turn it into a jewel!

  3. You sure are lucky!!! I love your finds.

  4. evelyn, me gusta como se ve todo, el sillon le dio un toque brutal y se ve una sala completa, te pregunto, que tienes adentro del cupboard? porque tambien lo puedes dejar abiero, engancharle el portavela que tienes encima de la mesa de centro y al tenerlo abierto se ve mas llena la sala, ademas podrias intentar darle un tinte con pintura acrilica azul o teal al throw que tienes en la pared para que se vea mas oscuro y forrar los dos cojines que tiene el sofa, SON SOLO COMENTARIOSSSSSSS , tu sabes que sieimpre meto la cuchareta, pero de verdad me gusta como se ve la casa,, lindaaaaaaa,

  5. Oh my goodness, I want to go TS shopping with you. It's hard to find anything in my local TSs. That sleigh is a jewel of a find.

    Prim Smiles

  6. What great finds from the thrift store. I love, love LOVE your Santa!!

  7. You are so lucky, those are two things I have been hunting for in the thrifts. Today I am doing a catch up day, cleaning and finishing presents. Tomorrow I will hit some more thrifts and see if I can find some goodies.


  8. Great find on the sleigh and tree!! I can't wait to see how you decorate it!

  9. I think the sled turned out prim and perfect. Love the display. You sure have found lots of goodies for such great prices.

    And that little snowman is CUTE :)

  10. The sleigh with your Santa is just perfect Evelyn and what a bargain on the tree and the chair!!

  11. Wow, I am always amazed at your ability to find such great bargains!
    You did a super job on your sled.
    Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  12. Evelyn,
    The sled turned out perfect & I love your Santa. Love her patterns. Awesome deal on the tree, too. Every thing looks wonderful.

  13. Wow what a great find.. that sleigh is so fun and I love the red you added. Santa looks right at home in it!

  14. Hi Evelyn!....the sleigh looks great! you did a wonderful job refinishing it! and I love the Santa you made, he's awesome!

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Great finds girl!!!!

    Love the chair. You did a great job on Santa and the sleigh.


  16. I was going to ask what TS was, but I discovered it after reading other's comments. I never knew you could find stuff like that at thrift stores! Good finds! You did a great job on that sled. I love it and it looks great on your table as the centerpiece. I love the old bobbins that you've made into candleholders. Very neat display!

    Also, that tree for $4?! Now that's a steal! I'm gonna have to find some local thrift stores to shop in now. Thanks for the tip! =]