I just like to thank you for taking the time to sit back and visit my blog. I am blessed to have a healthy family, beautiful kids and a lovely dog. Love to share ideas and decorations with you.

Friday, May 29, 2009

New items for Sale

Today, I added new items for sale in my selling blog. If you have not checked yet, take a break and go, it is now open for business. More items will come during the weekend.... Thanks for your support.
I am so tired..... I worked all day with new items for the selling blog and Ebay. Also, I finished some items and makeovers.

Last week, I designed this paper towel holder for my kitchen.
I painted it barn red over black, sanded and stained.


My second project in the day was cover old books with fabrics. I stained and bake each fabric to give old looks.

Finally, a trip to the Thrift Store and I found these items...

Munising Bowl - $1.00
Stoneware Pitcher - $6.50 ( Stamped Pottery Darrell Fugler)

Good night!!! Bye, Bye and see you soon.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Selling Blog

A few weeks ago, I started with Lee Hill Primitives, my intention with it was having a "Selling Blog". But after posting my makeovers, YS and TS findings and received kind words from awesome people in the "blogland", I decide to maintain the link with this new world. I am addicted to this world, I enter every single day to my favorite blogs to see what is new in their lives and enjoy reading and viewing pic's of each one. Also, some of them put tears in my eyes... others a smile in my face...Today, I decided to create a new blog for selling purposes, it will be "Raggedy and Crow Prims". This is the name that I used since 3 years ago when I started making dolls for Country stores and internet sites.

To view my Selling Blog used the link at left ( top)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

* Whatcha Working On Wednesday *

Hi prim girls,
Today is Whatcha Working on Wednesday! at Leslie's blog,
My Country Home.
This is my first time participating on it. I enjoy so much reading, looking at pictures of works and makeovers made by other prim girls. I hope that I can participate every week and other bloggers can enjoy my makeovers too.

First of all, I use a piece of wood that I had, painted mustard and burnt umber, and made this gameboard.
Now, TIC TAC TOE....

On Monday morning my husband made a table top bench for me . Today, I painted it black, then I used a mixture of yellow ochre and antique white. Sanded and stained it. I love it!!!

My last project was a little pig cutting board that we cut on Monday using a Char's tutorial . This will be a gift for my BF. I will cut more for my selling blog.Today is the day of mustard makeovers, I love how this color change with stain over it. They look better that you see in the pic's. I painted it yellow ochre over black and used dark walnut stain. It is so cute.... I want one.

Bye, bye ..... See you soon....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yard Sale Goodies

Happy Tuesday Girls! Hope you had a great Holiday weekend! Here pictures of the yard sale goodies that I have gotten this Saturday.

Chair $6.00
Tea lights 50 cents/ bag,

Wood Box 50 cents,

Gameboard $1.00,
Quilt Rack $3.00 ( About 6 f long),

Basket 25 cents,

For now that is all that I have to share of the goodies that I have found during this weekend. I will be posting more makeovers during this week. Stay tuned and see you soon.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodwill finds & New Country Sampler Magazine

Yeahhhh.... The new Country Sampler came in my mailbox yesterday. It is amazing ... I love this magazine.


I was in the Goodwill and I found the following: an old sled , two little cups (50 cents/ea, these are stamped as Pfalzgraff 100), I'm not sure if they are old but I love their color and blue print on it, and old strainer ($1 ). Probably, I can make a shoo fly with it.

On Sunday morning, I was in some antiques stores here in VA and see some old sleds. I was thinking that I need one for Christmas but the cheapest was $49.99 and the most expensive $79.00. And I decide to wait few months more to buy one. What a surprise when found one in the GW, I am thinking that it has good price, mine is only $12.50. What do you think ??? Here the pic.

**** New Makeovers ****

Yesterday, I was working in two new makeovers. The first one was wood spoons. I bought this package at Walmart for $1.00 / 4 spoons. I painted each one in different color: Yellow, Burnt umber and Barn Red, then stained them to give and old color.



The second project was this little cabinet. I sanded to remove their color and painted it black. After that , sanded again and use dark walnut stain on it. I think looks better now. I love black!!!! Before,

Have a wonderful evening! See you soon...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Whole day of makeovers

On Friday morning, I decide to do some makeovers! My baby was happier...he got to be outside running his bicycle while I was working. These are a few makeovers that I work that day…. a scope, a towel rack, a cutting board, unfinished wood, a bowl.

I start my day with the rack and the cutting board; I got them at Goodwill for $2.00 and $1.00 respectively. First, I painted both in black, and then I used yellow ochre for the rack and raw sienna for the cutting board, sanded and stained.



This scoop that I had got at a Hospice Thrift Store for $2.00 was hand painted ( sorry... I take the pic after I sanded), but I decide to give it a new look....I like it much better!

Unfinished pine wood for 75 cents, I painted it barn red over black, finishing then gameboard with yellow ochre and antique white, then sanded and stained it. Nice gameboard!!!

The last makeover was the bowl, I found it last year at $5.00 in Marshalls, and I decide that is time for a new color. I sanded a little bit and put dark walnut stain on it. I love it…. I think it looks better now.



Until next time! I hope that this week I found new treasures in the TS . Bye, bye…

Monday, May 11, 2009

First Communion Day

On Saturday, I had a nice and happy day. My daughter made her First Communion. She looks so pretty and the mass was very emotional. Here are pictures of my kids.

Congratulations to all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Sunday morning I was working on some projects. My husband made a stove cover and a bench for me.

I love to paint wood. Here pic's of them when I finished.

Also, I was working with these cutting boards that I found in a Thrift Store ( $1 each). I love it, how beautiful they looks after some work.
Please, let me know what you think about them.


I can't wait for the summer. I'm ready for it! I will be working in some projects. Memorial Day is only a couple weeks away. I love summer decor with Americana colors ( Blue , Red and White). I love Geraniums, Flags, Beaches, Sun and Sand...


In the next post I will share pic's of my new creations.