I just like to thank you for taking the time to sit back and visit my blog. I am blessed to have a healthy family, beautiful kids and a lovely dog. Love to share ideas and decorations with you.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I hope you all have a  fun and safe Halloween Day!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tweaking on Thursday!

Hi girls,
As mentioned before this house is larger than the previous one where I lived, by this,  I had some empty spaces yet. My living room is one of them, but I don't buy any furniture due to I want specific pieces like this...

which means huge quantity of $$$$$$ and I need to wait more time for them.( Love pictures from Irvin's catalog. Everything looks amazing). But this week, I was in the GW and found this love seat, it is not in perfect condition but had great shape and potential (and at this moment that is what I need). I was thinking some time if I change its fabric and legs, it could be a nice piece and only cost $25. 

  As you see in the pictures the living room was empty until yesterday.  After few hours "tweaking" and "shopping" things around my house, and moving chairs, tables, cupboards, stitcheries, everything.  Here are the pictures of my living room now....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Watcha Working on Wednesday

Hi girls,
 Today is my favorite day of the week, since I found "Watcha Working on Wednesday" in Leslies' blog http://sweets-mycountryhome.blogspot.com/,  I'm always trying to make something that day.  Now I am working with some projects at the same time, cross stitch, dolls and makeovers for my baths.  Also, I started some projects for my " Olde Fashioned Christmas Swap", I hope I finish and send my package in the next week. I need to finish my swaps early in the month to work with my Christmas giveaway.  Stay tuned, I will post about it by the second week of November.

I found this tin candle holder in the TS...

It is in nice condition but  the cowboy boot is not what I need for my bath.  Few days ago, Lisa from Black Sheep Prims  paint a lamp using multicolor texture paint, and the final result was awesome. See her post at http://blacksheepprims.blogspot.com/2009/10/what-have-i-been-up-too.html . Well, I used the same paint to change this piece and stitched a Primitive Bettys design to cover the boot.  Love her patterns.

And here is how the candle holder looks now..... 

What do you think? For me,  it looks better. Thanks Lisa for share your makeover with us.

Remember my  WWoW post last week, I was working with some doll bodies, here is one of them completely finished.   This prim doll was made using a T.F.C. Folk art pattern,she is beautiful and smell so good. She will be in my selling blog, I'll be posting new items for sale this week..

And now I will continue with another cross stitch...

Bye, bye and see you soon, 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Giveaways in the blog land.....

Hi girls,
There a few giveaways that you need to check out. They had awesome goodies! Please,  tell them that you find them in my blog Lee Hill Primitives. Good luck!





 2 Winners


Bye, Evelyn

New makeovers

First of all,  I want to say THANK YOU to you girls for take time to leave me a comment with amazing suggestions for my baths. Currently,  I am working on them.  

 Yesterday, was Make-over Monday in Char ( The Pickled Pepper Patch) and Lisa ( Primitives from Above) Blogs.  After see what they do and with a sunny day, beautiful fall  day, I started some makeovers too.   I have some items that I found in the GW and TS pending makeovers. I selected some to work with and here are the pictures of them before...
 Candle holder - TS find ($2.00)

 Plate holder. I have it for about 2 years and I never used it. Lovely painting but not my style.

Wood  shelf, GW find for $4.50. Sorry, I forgot to take the picture before. It was brown with an eagle in the top.



Today, I finished them and see how they looks now....

Bye , bye and see you soon.  I am working now with my "Olde Fashioned Christmas" swap goodies. 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Girls, I need your decoration tips urgently

Hi girls,
I am always sharing with you my makeovers, tutorials, new goodies and TS shopping, but, I need your decoration expertise today. As you know, we moved recently to this house and it needs lots of changes. Not HUGE changes but some necessary and nice changes. We made some like... wall to wall carpets, some light fixtures, wall paint ( some areas are pending), door hardware, pay to cut and remove trees from the yard , flowers... they are not huge changes but some are "expensive makeovers". Currently,  I am a stay at home mom, what means only one check paid the bills ($$$$).  This house is more larger than the previous one and we need more furniture to fill the house (it is almost a double of my last house).  This is the reason that I started making wood pieces for my home instead of buying larger pieces to decor it or found items in the TS to make my own redos.  Now, with Christmas around the corner, you know what I am saying $$$$$$ for Santa and my kids birthdays in a the next month, I need changes without spends lots of money.
Well, all of you enter in this point,  I had a big challenge for your amazing and creative minds. I want that my bathrooms looks warm and beautiful.   Yes, I need HELP with my bathrooms, I hate how they looks now.  We moved in the summer and since that, I was thinking how change them and save money, now I have 3 ( 2FB and 1HB).  First,  I hate the ugly light fixtures, I don't like the large mirrors and I am not sure what I make with the vanities. When we moved here, they had wall paper, I removed them and the walls are antique white ( they looks like sterile areas).   The only thing that I am sure is that they need color, but I am not sure what or where needs color....walls or vanity, or both. Please, help me on this, I need ideas urgently... I want that my new home will be complete and  ready for Christmas.

These are some pictures of them the day that we bought the house... Look how ugly and dirty they looks ( not my baby, only the bath. My baby is so cute and beautiful, he is making his own bath inspection) LOL.

This house was foreclosure and we spend more than 3 weekends to clean up, inside, outside and removing wall papers in all places but the house itself had a great potential. I will share the pictures before and after very soon.  But now, I need your marvelous ideas. Please, share them with me.

 Bye, bye and see you soon, Evelyn


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whatcha working on Wednesday

Hi Girls,
Today is Whatcha Working on Wednesday! at Leslie's blog, My Country HomeGo there to see what girls in the blog land are working on....

I was working on some items this weekend for my selling blog.  Since I made my first cross stitch I can leave the needle in the sewing box. Every spare time in this weekend was for cross stitching, I made running stitch since I was a little girl.   I think I had 7 or 8 years when my aunt show me how to stitch and I was hooked.   But, you are completely right, cross stitching is like an addiction and I confess now....I'm addicted to it. I love how the stitcheries looks when I finished them. Here some that I made during the weekend.

 First, I made this tuck for me using another beautiful pattern of Primitives Bettys.

These are a set that I named Four Seasons, it will be in my selling blog so soon. I will show you more pictures and details in my SB.

And this is what I am working now,

Come later to see how I finished them.... See you soon, Evelyn

Look what I found in the mail...

Hi girls,
Few days ago, I won an awesome giveaway that A Primitive Gathering had. I was so excited when I see her comment in my blog and I am waiting for it for some days but for me was an eternity. Finally , my package arrived yesterday and I loved everything on it. This picture did not make justice at all, it is beautiful and smells so good. She has an amazing blog, you need to visit her at http://aprimitivegathering.blogspot.com.

She send me various Halloween pins and tucks, and look how I used them...

They are now in my Halloween Tree that I had in my foyer. This black tree was a gift from my BF Anitza from http://victoriancountry.blogspot.com.

 Also, I received  these two gorgeous things....a Harvest tuck and a Christmas child pocket.

Christine you made an awesome job on these pieces. Simply beautiful! Love it !See her blog at http://primitiveandearlyworksbymyhand.blogspot.com. 

Sue and Christine, THANK YOU, Thank you so much for my new goodies.

By, bye and see you soon,