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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

R.I.P. Morgan Harrington

Hi prim girls, 

This is a sadly post. For 3 months now, in the right colum of my blog, I had a link to Find Morgan Harrington, she was the beautiful lady girl that disappeared on October 17, 09 while attending a Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia. I was so scared and frustated with this abduction, I saw the blog every day to see if they post good news. I am thinking all the time what I do if one of my kids or my nieces goes to a tragedy like that , and I can not imagine how much pain are in her parent's heart. I pray so much for Morgan to returned safe to her home but sadly their body was discovered yesterday. Below is the statement made for her father. Please, make a pray for Morgan and her family .......... Rest in Peace, Morgan, Rest in Peace.....

"Morgan's mother, Gil, and I are overwhelmingly saddened by yesterday's discovery, but we are also relieved because our questions can now be answered and we can give our daughter a proper burial. We know that because of the good life Morgan led and the love she created for everyone around her, she is now in a safer, better place. We appreciate everyone's respect for our privacy at this difficult time and we thank everyone who has helped us through this tragedy and helped us find Morgan."

Bye, bye and se you soon, Evelyn


  1. Hi Evelyn,

    I too, live in Virginia and have been following this story. My heart is breaking for this family!! As I watched the news conference with Morgan's parents today, I just can't begin to imagine what this family has been through the past 100 days. RIP Morgan!!!


  2. I'll be praying for this family. I always hope for a good outcome, I pray for God's comfort and strength. She was a beautiful young lady.

  3. Evelyn,
    I,too, have prayed for Morgan and thought of her often. I also remember when my daughter was of this age and was out and about. I always worried about something happening.
    So sad for this family.

  4. How sad, I've noticed the post you had every time I've visited you blog and wondered about her.

  5. Thanks for keeping Morgan's picture on your blog. You really helped keep her picture out there. Seeing her face on your blog everytime I visited, kept her in my prayers. This is not the outcome I have been praying for. I will now keep her family in my prayers for them to find comfort and healing. My heart breaks for them.


  6. I just saw this on the news yesterday (I am in Canada and do not often watch american news). I was sooooo heartbroken. I had seen your blog months ago, and prayed for this beautiful girl. I now pray for her parents to be surrounded in the peace that passes all understanding. I would think that someone was planning this, and abducted her from the concert. It seems so tragic that one could meet with such evil while out having a fun night with friends. I hope that it ended quickly for her and she did not suffer more than she already had.

  7. What a beautiful girl and so sad for this family. I will lift them up in prayer! It's sweet of you to post about it!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes for our Joy too! That's also very sweet of you!

    Have a great day!