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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Half Bath Makeover and much more......

Hi prim girls,
 As you saw in TV, we had a HUGE snowstorm  here in VA, over 25 inches of white and sparkling powder. Beautiful! Well, if we can't moved to other place that our home, and only we can move from one floor to another we decided to started some projects that we had pending since months ago. Do you remember a post that I requested decoration's tips and ideas for my baths, I received awesome ideas from some prim gals that I used in my half bath this weekend.  We made a wooden frame around the mirror( adhere to  it using liquid nail as Char suggested), painted and sanded the cabinet, to hide the mirrored medicine cabinet we made a wooden door and changed light fixture.  Here are the picture of my bath now,
These are the bath's pictures when we moved to this house,
What do you think?????? I really love our bath makeover, it looks better than in pictures.
 Also, we finished  my dining room, yes... it is finally painted. Last weekend we selected both colors from Valspar, Mercer blue ( it is a beautiful blue-gray color) and Lyndhurst Timber from Natural Trust for Historic Preservation Collection ( it looks like brownish sand). See pictures of it now, with sunlight....

 Without sunlight,( you can appreciate the real color better in these pictures).
Now, we are in the painting process of our kid's bath, as soon we finish, I will be sharing more pic's with you.
Now some pic's of our snowstorm here....
Bye, Bye and see you soon, Evelyn


  1. Wow! You guys have gotten a lot of snow. You bathroom looks really good. Thank you for visiting my blog and for this nice comments! I really appreciate it! ~Dan~

  2. Love the new look and the prim decor, very nice.
    Did you recolor the cabinets, or buy them prim?


  3. DEbbie, Thanks for asking. I painted, sanded and stained the cabinet. I found a Valspar paint that it is amazing, it dries and seal really fast. I will clarify in my post the other changes.

  4. Your bath looks great! I do love the colors you chose. The storm looks to have gotten the best of your trees. Hope they come out okay. Be safe if you go out!

  5. Wow!! You've been a busy girl, Evelyn!! Love all of the makeovers!! Everything looks fantastic!! Can't wait to see pics of your kids' bathroom when you get it done!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. AWESOME snow pics! I love the bathroom too, stay safe and warm in your winter wonderland :)

  7. Wonderful makeovers!! Your prims show up so nicely with the new colors.

  8. Bathroom looks really nice. I thought about putting a frame around my mirror, a handyman suggested it, as the mirror is starting to go black around the edges.
    I love the dining room. You have great decorating ideas.
    I was suppost to come down your way to the Big Flea.......but it is cancelled till 2/20
    Can't get off the hill anyway. Back to movies and quilting

  9. your pictures are beautiful. your house and the snow.

  10. Great redo! Love the colors in your dining room and bathroom.

    Enjoy the snow! We are still digging out here!

  11. I love the colrs you've chosen, especially the blue. Your makeovers are fantastic! The snow is really beautiful, though I'm sure it's inconvienient. Stay warm!


  12. Menudo cambio le diste al baño!!!!te quedó genial,muy bonito,y todos los detalles me encantaron,un saludo

  13. Your rooms are just beautiful...and your choice of the blues are wonderful..very nice.

    Wow, don't you just love the snow pictures??? Not the real thing, but oh what beautiful photos it makes.


  14. Looks like we are both snowed in...love your redo of your bathroom and how you framed the mirror:) Your diningroom also looks good with the blue and sand colored paint!


  15. It's starting to look alot like Christmas...LOL.
    I know that is not what you wanted to hear but I think the Season is making up for lost time. I am so ready for Spring and I bet you and others agree :)

    Your makeovers look wonderful. I myself will be starting project #1 but not till closer the weekend just because I will be away for three days this week. Can't wait to start. What a little bit of paint can do to a room.


  16. Your makeovers look great! Love the colors you choose! I also love all your windows in your dining room.

    Beautiful pictures of the snow!
    Have a great day.
    Prim Blessings,

  17. Wow! You received lots and lots of snow! Here in Oklahoma, we didn't get near that much. Your pictures are so pretty!

    You've been busy, busy! I love the way your bathroom turned out. The cabinet looks really good in black distressed. The frame around the mirror really blends in well now. It all comes together so nicely!

    The colors you picked out for your dining room go well together. I love all the windows and openness in that room! How wonderful!

    Looking forward to more pictures of your next painted rooms!

  18. HEHE don't you just love little bathrooms??? LOL. Looks great.

    LOVE your huge dining room with the bay window. You have tons of space. Great job.


  19. Your dining room makeover is so pretty! Love that blue and it IS big! I also love your makeover to your bathroom....love that pineapple I see there! Everything looks great!


  20. Just had to tell you how great you bath looks.
    I would love to paint my vanity also but not
    sure if the paint would stick to it very good.
    Did you have to use and certain kind of primer
    before you painted. Kay