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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New GW finds

Hi Prim Girls,
Few weeks ago, I was searching for goodies for my Trashy Swap I did not find what my partner desires. Ultimately, I do not find anything in extremely good condition at the TS and if I find something it had a highest prices that  I ever seen for used items. I was talking with Anitza from Victorian Country that is probably that the GW / TS donors are keeping their stuffs for their own Yard and Garage sales and are not donating anything in this season. Do you notice the same at yours?
Well, this week I make a little trip to the GW and TS and these are the pictures of my last finds.
 Set of Colonial silhouetes - $1.49 ea ( My fav)
Yellow ware Pottery - $3.49

Wingback chair - $20.00
Bye, Bye and see you soon,


  1. great finds Evelyn, congrats! love those silhouettes!


  2. Evelyn,
    It has been like that at our GW also...can't hardly find anything and the prices have gotten really high. What a bummer!!
    Love the silhouettes that you found.

  3. wow-you made out!! i have to agree-pickin's have been slim at the thrifts lately!

  4. I haven't found much at my local stores either. It's almost disheartening! You did good on this trip, though... nice finds!

  5. Wow Evelyn - what beautiful things you found...that chair is awesome for the price!