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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A New Tutorial....... Bucket Table

 Hi Prim Girls,

We enjoy making wood pieces so much, but was not easy to be working in the garage with the low temps that we had this winter. Thanks God  that Spring is around the corner... Love it!  It means more furniture pieces for my home. We have better temps this week, perfect to start a new wood project and this is my new piece.  I am very pleased with it and decide to share with you a new tutorial..... a Bucket Table.  I see that some prim gals are using my tutorials to make their own pieces and that is awesome for me. I am not a carpenter but I enjoy so much creating this tutorial for you. Try it!

You'll need the following materials:
  • 2 pieces of 1" x 12" x 6' wood board
  • wood panel of 1/4"
  • wood nails
  • wood glue
  • sander
  • table or gig saw
  • Paints ( I choose black and tan)
  • Stain
Using a piece of 1x12, cut 2 pieces of 27" long.  In one side of the piece, measure 2" from the edges to inside and mark each points. Measure 5" from the bottom of the piece to the top and draw a semi circle. Connect that semi circle with the points from the edges. Make the same in the next piece. Your bench legs will look like this. 
Take another 1x12 board to make the top and the shelf pieces of the table. Measure a piece of 32" from the edge and cut your first piece (this will be the table top) and your shelf will be 28 inches long.
We are ready to make the table. Take your table legs and measured 11 inches since the edge, mark and placed the bottom shelf.  Put the piece between legs and secure it with glue and nails. Now, put the table top using the piece of 32 inches. Remember, use glue and nail to secure each piece  to give strength to the bench.  Look how it looks with all pieces together.
To give support to the  new piece attached a piece of wood to the back. Take the 1/4" panel and cut a piece of 29 1/2 " x 16 1/2 " to cover the back of your table. Your back will look like this.
Your piece is now finished....
Round the edges and make sure all sanding has been completed prior to painting. Give the base color and then apply the color you want. 
In this piece I used tan over black. The table top will be stain only.

To give a distressed look, use the sander and remove paint in the specific areas to create a worn look. Then apply stain. Now your piece looks worn and old. Primitive perfect!
Love this new piece! I named it Bucket  Table but you can used it to display your jugs and crocks if you want.

Well, I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much I enjoyed making this piece.

Bye, Bye and see you soon..... Evelyn           

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New GW finds

Hi Prim Girls,
Few weeks ago, I was searching for goodies for my Trashy Swap I did not find what my partner desires. Ultimately, I do not find anything in extremely good condition at the TS and if I find something it had a highest prices that  I ever seen for used items. I was talking with Anitza from Victorian Country that is probably that the GW / TS donors are keeping their stuffs for their own Yard and Garage sales and are not donating anything in this season. Do you notice the same at yours?
Well, this week I make a little trip to the GW and TS and these are the pictures of my last finds.
 Set of Colonial silhouetes - $1.49 ea ( My fav)
Yellow ware Pottery - $3.49

Wingback chair - $20.00
Bye, Bye and see you soon,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trashy Swap goodies and other things

Hi Prim girls,
I am back! There are a few weeks since I made my last post but I was helping one of my Best Friends with her moving, painting some furniture pieces and making spring tweaking around my home. I entered in the "Trashy Swap" from Char's Blog, and my partner was Heather from The Rare Den. I received my box and I was really excited thinking in what items I will be found in the swap. Usually, when I entered in a swap I make a little " research", and always read all the blog' posts that my partner had. That is the perfect form to know the "decor taste" of your partner. But in this case we also emailed one each other to know the type of things we loved and had a better idea of what items we need or wants to have in the swap. I love swaps, but my favorite part is the excitement of what are in the box. Do you have the same feeling? Is like a Christmas Day, LOL. Look at the items that she send to me, everything was beautiful on it. Love it! Heather, THANK YOU for be my "Trashy Partner".
Love this piece.
 Wooden Box with Flowers
Cross stitched in a distressed frame
Gifts ( a sheep and awesome scented spray)
As you know, I have two kids but they had a difference of 7 years between them. Both have different interests but when my daughter wants to use her laptop, my 4 yr son wants to used the computer to play at Sprout Online. The problem is not the same computer he uses the desktop but it was in my DD room. Well,  I decide to switch their rooms to avoid hear my DD favorite phrase " I want PRIVACY in my room". After a long day from painting and moving things from a room to another and when we almost finish my son's room he asked me if I can go outside his room because "He needs PRIVACY in his new room with his dad because their are men and I was a mom". Yes, you read right, "PRIVACY". I am thinking that this word will be with me for a loooong time, LOL. See pictures of their rooms before...
 I want a more colonial look for my DD room,but finally I leave her to decide some fabrics to make her pillows. She picked these fabrics...
I'm not finished with them yet but their rooms looks now like this....

Stay tuned this week, I will be posting a New Tutorial and a Colonial Giveaway... See peek pictures.
************  In a sad note ***********
My little brother call me today to tell me that a burglaries entered to his home this morning and stole his house. I am very happy because my loved family, brother, mySIL and my nieces were not there  when that occur. Thanks GOD , because their lives are the most important  things that they had. But I am extremely sad and furious  because they are good people, they work everyday so hard to have a good quality of life for their daughters and to  have  good things as well. They stole every single electronic item in their house, TV, DVD's computers, electronics games,  etc..  I know that is material  and they can obtained them again  but is so hard for young people with two raising kids . The things that they had did not came in one day, they took years to save money to have what they had and  some of them were not enjoyed for at least six month. My niece computer was her Christmas present, is not fair at all. Usually, I am not share things like this but I am very upset this afternoon.

Bye, bye and see you soon,