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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am back again...

Hi Prim Girls,
It’s been a long time since I've shared with you. WOW,  seems that it is the first time that I blog or make a post, I almost forgot how to make it! First of all ,  I want to apologize all of my blogging friends for my absence during the past months but this was a hard time for me. Since then, I have moving, loss of family members, medical treatments, sadness and depression, you name it and I probably had it...LOL. Now, I am feeling better or should say I'm made some improvements each day.
Normally, I don't share things like this in my blog, because I know that everyone has situations and sometimes use the blog to escape from their sadness and not to read about others. Please, don't understand me wrong, I laughed a lot, cried and prayed so much  for "blogging friends",  people that I’ve never known in my life but they have situations that touch my heart in many ways... you know what I am talking about. But  I always use my blog  to share tutorials, "thrifting" and  home decor pictures and give you a happy note. I am happy and glad to return again to the "Blog land"!

In another note....I don't know if you have been a copy of the A Primitive Place and  Country Journal in your hands, but girls, it is an AMAZING magazine. Well constructed, structured and defined, with awesome pictures and great writings... it is a most in our magazine collections. I received my subscription starting this summer but when I try to buy the past issues they only have the spring. Unfortunately, I missed two... fall and winter. Please, if you know if someone or a store that has them for sale, let me know.  If you don't have it, hurry up and go now to APP Magazine.
During the past year while I was in PR I received some goddies  from Blogging Friends or Swaps Partners, 
Fall giveaway- Ann from Ahole in the basket primitives

 You and Me Swap - Becky from The Crow's Nest
 Secret Sister Swap Goodies

To all of you ....THANK YOU .... Love my new goodies
 Soon, I will be sharing pictures of some makeovers, new goodies and more. Stay tune.... 

Bye and see you soon,