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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Notforgotten Farm Show

Hi Prim Girls,
Being a while since I went to a fall show, but this Saturday I went to a wonderful. Since Lori posted about it, I was looking forward this day.
For all of us being in a fall show is awesome but for children can be boring... I say unless if the show is in Toys R Us, LOL. Normally, my kids  are in a hurry and all the time asking if we leave, but I have to say that this show was the exception. Not only was a gorgeous fall show for me  but for my children too.
Lori brought together talented artisans there, had so many beutiful things that I don't know what to choose.  Just  needed a lot of money  to take at least one thing of each booth, Ha, Ha, Ha. I promise to do my piggy bank for the next show. LOL.
This is long post,  lots of pictures, take a cup of coffee and enjoy it.

And  this is the reason why my children were excited about the show: Lori's farm animals. She and Peter,her husband, were very friendly and kind  with my kids, they allowed children to be near the animals. Even her husband came to the Lori's shop to invite the kids to see the sheeps and the peacocks closely.
These are the faces of my children after the show, priceless. They now ask if we can come back  for the Christmas Open House. I hope to be there too.
 Thanks Lori for such a wonderful show and your husband for a gift to my kid, peacock feathers. He put them in one of my jugs.

Bye, bye  and see you soon,


  1. I really love these events, unfortunately, there aren't any in this area. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed them. That old wringer/washer brought back loads of memories, and that black pot. My grandma used her's all the time. All fond memories. Thanks for sharing. Luv

  2. what a wonderful time for you and your kids Eve!...love the feathers!


  3. Looks like a great time was had by all.


  4. Eve~ Your right priceless when the kids are as happy as the mom at a fall show.Beautiful pics,thanks for taking us along for a tour.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Eve ~ your daughter's photo's are just beautiful...thank YOU for sharing them with us and for visiting us...you are Always welcome here and I hope to see you again soon.,...
    please hug your beautiful children for us!

    with much affection,
    Peter, Lori & Hannah Brechlin
    Notforgotten Farm

  6. oh, Wow~ wonderful photos from the show~ looks like a fun time!!!