I just like to thank you for taking the time to sit back and visit my blog. I am blessed to have a healthy family, beautiful kids and a lovely dog. Love to share ideas and decorations with you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thrift Find Makeover

Hi Prim girls ,
Let me share with you this oak hutch makeover. Few weeks ago, I founded this piece in a TS , it was in good condition but still leave it as it cost $65 and that day I had no money to spend in a piece like that. Many think like $65 is not a big number, but for a piece that is not necessary to live, I sometimes think twice to buy it. Still, after I left the store, I kept thinking that the piece had potential . So come back again, and asked the manager if she can accept a deposit to hold the piece and I will pick it up by the end of the week. She replied that they can not accept deposits but as she knew that I was client there, she will  put the piece hold up to Friday. Then she told me,  if I changed my mind, please call her to put back the piece to the marked, how cool is that. She was so nice with me. 

She told me that she going to put a higher price to the hutch, but had an accident with the glass, so it made the price down from $200 to $65.
This is the piece before,
I think the economy is affecting prices in the TS too, now everything is high. Sometimes, I have to look twice to see if entering in an antique store instead of TS, LOL. Well, we removed the doors, sanded and added a piece at top to match one in the bottom.
I choose to do it in two colors, inside off white and outside in black, distressed a little bit and stained the piece. Now,  it is displaying my redware pieces. Love how it looks now.
You think that my pieces looks better with the white background? I think they look better against the white. I have my redware in other hutch  before and this is the last background ( see below) . The pieces were lost in that color and I wanted to stand out and so chose a light color.  
I think looks better know, did you agree with me?
Bye, Bye and see you soon,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Notforgotten Farm Show

Hi Prim Girls,
Being a while since I went to a fall show, but this Saturday I went to a wonderful. Since Lori posted about it, I was looking forward this day.
For all of us being in a fall show is awesome but for children can be boring... I say unless if the show is in Toys R Us, LOL. Normally, my kids  are in a hurry and all the time asking if we leave, but I have to say that this show was the exception. Not only was a gorgeous fall show for me  but for my children too.
Lori brought together talented artisans there, had so many beutiful things that I don't know what to choose.  Just  needed a lot of money  to take at least one thing of each booth, Ha, Ha, Ha. I promise to do my piggy bank for the next show. LOL.
This is long post,  lots of pictures, take a cup of coffee and enjoy it.

And  this is the reason why my children were excited about the show: Lori's farm animals. She and Peter,her husband, were very friendly and kind  with my kids, they allowed children to be near the animals. Even her husband came to the Lori's shop to invite the kids to see the sheeps and the peacocks closely.
These are the faces of my children after the show, priceless. They now ask if we can come back  for the Christmas Open House. I hope to be there too.
 Thanks Lori for such a wonderful show and your husband for a gift to my kid, peacock feathers. He put them in one of my jugs.

Bye, bye  and see you soon,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kindred Spirit Doll Swap Packages

Hi Prim girls,
 Few weeks ago, Amy’s from Bumble Bee Lane   had a new swap in her blog,  Kindred Spirit Doll. I participated and it was so amazing because I had  two partners in it. That  means to new dollies for my collection. My partners were Maurine from Stitchins Prims Blog,  and a sweet gal named Theresa. Currently, she hasn’t a  blog  but  she is  very talented and  makes gorgeous dolls, go her  Etsy Shop and see her creations.
 I loved dolls, although I can make them I loved to have dolls from other artisans as well. In the past I won a giveaway from  Maurine, and I was pretty sure that anything from her will be beautiful and do not mistake me when I saw my doll. My new black doll came in a middle of the Hurricane, you read correctly, I received her when Hurricane Irene hit us, so I named her Irene. Thanks GOD the hurricane did not affect us directly except for some tree branches down, I came  from the Caribbean and knowing the forces of the hurricane like that I was worried  about what could happens with the strong winds that Irene had.  But when I saw the box in my porch and opened it  I have  a feeling  that everything will be OK , if she came in the middle of the Hurricane everything will be fine. 
She is an AWESOME prairie faceless doll with and old key in her chest.  Now, she is proudly sat in my living room and I love it! Thanks Maurine.
When participating in a swap  always read my partner’s blog to get a better idea of their tastes to make sure you like my gift. It’s a bit difficult when there is no blog. With Theresa exchanged emails and check her store to have an idea of her taste ,  she loved  Halloween things. Amy ask us to share pictures of what we send to gals who had no blog. I included three items in her package...
This beautiful Witch, it is  an OOAK item , she is my own creation and no pattern was used.  Made in stained osnaburg and her dress is  painted osnaburg. Her face is sculpted, stitched and colored painted.She has a broom and a spell book .Ready for October 31.
A lovely black cat, a stump Kandy Kat. Made of painted and stained osnaburg, his eyes are mismatched buttons, nose is sculpted and his whiskers are rusted wire.
In a primitive shop here, I founded this awesome tarts that smells so good. I included them in my last giveaway but I decided to send a package to Theresa too. Hope she enjoy  them.
Last week,  I received  the second swap  package, it came from Theresa.  This came in one of my worst days of my life then I think it comes with a strong message from GOD to me.  She spoiled me with this. 
 The main requirement of this swap was a 10”doll but she send to me the most cutie prairie doll, she is amazing and I called her FAITH, 
3 prairie dollies ornaments,
and a wonderful Thankful pinkeep.  
  I was static and could not believe such generosity. BIG, BIG Thank you , Theresa. I loved them!

THANK YOU Amy for having this wonderful Swap and my partners for these treasures.

Bye, bye and see you soon,