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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ditty Bag Tutorial

Hi Prim Friends,
Few days ago, I participated  in the Prairie Swap  that  Amy from Bumble Bee Lane Cottage was hosting in her blog and I sent her this Prairie Ditty Bag as part of my gifts. Also, you can see pictures of it in her swap post ( link above).
Well, I decided to prepare a new tutorial of it with a little  change ... a different doll. I want to share with you this easy tutorial, I named it Christmas Ditty Bag but through the pictures you will notice that it can be used for other seasons as well.
  It is a simple ditty bag but with a little of imagination, you will used during whole year. Also, It will be an awesome gift for your prim friends this Christmas.
  • Fabrics - I used 3 different.
    • First Muslin - Cut a piece of fabric of 20" by 7 1/2" for the bag.  Another piece for the little doll,  4 1/2"by 7". I used Muslin for this project but you can use a osnaburg or a printed calico as well.
    • Second - Beautiful stripe fabric in light cinnamon and beige color. Cut  a  piece 5 1/2" by 4 1/2 ". This will be used for a little pocket.
    • Third - Brown wool, I will used this for the clothes.  
  • Coffee and Cinnamon  ( For staining purposes)
  • Embroidery floss ( Cinnamon, Black and White)
  • Acrylic Paint - Black
  • Wool ( I used real sheep wool ), Felting needles.
  • Sewing Machine, of course
  • Jute
  • Polyfill 
  • Strip of flannel
  • Berries
  • Sweet Annie
To make the bag, fold fabric in half then sew 3 of the sides of it leaving one side open.
Now we are ready to make the hem. Fold  the open side about 3/4", stitch  it leaving about 1/2"open in a side. 
 Now you need to stitch the little pocket on the bag.  
Your ditty bag will look like this.
 Stained your bag with the coffee and dry it. I put mine in the oven to give a grungy appearance. Monitors the bag to avoid burning it in the oven while you can sew the Santa.
 When your bag is dry, slide the jute through the hem to close the bag. Using the little piece of muslin for the body, cut it in half. Fold and cut roundly on top.
 Sew and sculpt Santa's nose. 
 Paint the whole body with black paint, bake, sanded, give a coat of stained and bake it again. Once it is dry stitch the eyes using white and black floss. Using a felting needle attached the beard and mustache.( if you do not have one, stitch them).  Now your Santa is ready for clothes, cut a square piece of brown wool, put them around the body to adjust the size. Cut 2 long triangles, used them to make the hat. Sew them. Using a strip of brown flannel attached it the rope and the hat. Dress your Santa stump doll, he will looks like this....
Now put it in the pocket and enjoy your Christmas Ditty Bag. See pictures below. 
 If you make the ditty bag in a neutral color like mine, you can used it around the year.  See more photos with ideas on how to use it during the year.
  • With Sweet Annie and a little crow
These cute dollies were a treasure gift from  Theresa in a recent swap.
Or used it alone with your aprons, with a bunny, a cat , little flags,etc... Use your imagination!  

Hope you enjoy my new tutorial, please,  if you make some ditty bags share your pictures with me. I loved to know that tutorials and/or items I made with love for you are enjoyed in your homes. 

Hugs and see you soon,