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Friday, February 3, 2012

Antique, Old or Collectibles Challenge

Hi Prim Girls, 
 Certainly, I started this post few days ago but I am not finish it because I'm doing others things at the same time: like "potty training" my new puppy, I mean"new baby",  take away Christmas decor, early Spring cleaning,  etc..
This post is about my love for old things, sometimes I think I'm a "old soul"  living in a wrong era.  I think that my love for antique or collectibles pieces started when I have almost 7 yrs old. One of my great grandmother had a old pewter mirror in her purse, and I remembered her looking in it and check how she looked before going out. At that age always thought if she would gave me the precious mirror, I never saw one liked since she pass away. I never knew who inherited it, well there many daughters and dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren, so my chance was none, LOL. But few days ago in an antique store, I found a similar and reminded me my childhood and my lovely great grandma, she was a beautiful lady, tall, slim ( although she had 14 kids), elegant and well mannered.  That mirror looks like this.....

Having old or antique pieces makes me think in those who cared and loved them, or how much time they survived and now have the privilege of having them with me.  You know what I mean, every one of us  has inherited something or have something you love not necessarily for the monetary value if not for the sentimental one. 

Now,  I am inviting you  to join me in  this challenge and share your loved Antique, Old and Collectible Item.  Since, I am not an expert in this field, just trust in the knowledge of the antique dealer or the antiquarian that identify the piece. 
Books printed in lates 1800, some are dedicated to someone else..
Pewter pieces...
Spinning wheel..
Redware pieces

Jugs and Crocks

Woven Coverlet, 
Wooden Trenware...Butter Churn, paddle

Very Old or Collectibles ( Although most of them were founded in antiques stores or estate sales I am not  sure about their age)


Hand painted portrait of my beloved grandma ( She died at the age of 92, this was painted when she had 17, so 75yrs count for a old piece, right) 

What are yours?

Today, a friend of us post about an email that she received about their antiques. All of us know that ...
" An antique (Latin: antiquus; old) is an old collectible item. It is collected or desirable because of its age (at least 100 years old), beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features. It is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human society. Collectibles are, generally speaking, the possible antiques of the future and generally less than 100 years old."

No matter if our things are 50, 80, 100  years or more, whom affects to say antique, old or collectible. It is important the value and care we give beyond the age or where they come. Let's be courteous to others and respect others' homes. Not everyone has the purchasing power for antiques, not because we do not like but because we may need to set priorities that go beyond our tastes. Let us show what we have with pride no matter who you love and who not.

Take care and God bless you, 


  1. Eve~ Beautiful Post! Loved seeing all your wonderful pieces but hearing your history is what stirred my soul.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I love this post. I am so happy you found your mirror. I actually did a short post similar to this a post ago I think on things I love. I will join in and do on things I have no idea who owned before me. Thanks for the idea and you do have wonderful antiques. BTW I started collecting as a child too!

  3. Wonderfully written Eve. I'm glad you did this post. I read the one you refer to and was appauled at the person whom left her that message.
    Many blessings to you,

  4. You antiques and collectibles are so very nice... You show/display them well also! I have a few pieces that i'm going to post about soon also.
    So glad you found a similar mirror from your childhood! Wishing you a wonderful weekend... Thanks for the share! Luv

  5. I have so many antiques it would take a weeks worth of posting LOL most are from grand/great grandparents & from antiquing, my guest room holds hubby's grand parents 1st bedroom suite, quilts she made,their oil lamp etc I have stuff everywhere LOL love your antiques!

  6. Thank you for sharing your treasures with us. My favorite antique is my early 1800 childs glider horse. take care, Janice

  7. Morning Eve,
    Wow, you have some beautiful 'antique' items...and yes, I will call them antique...no matter what the person's e-mail said. I also read that post. I think people who do this to others are frustrated people and I shrug it off...we know what we love and cherish and don't need others putting us down...
    I looooove the memory you have of your great-grandmother - how precious and the portrait of your grandmother - goodness what a beautiful lady.

    So happy you were able to find a Pewter hand/purse mirror to have the memory alive.

    Blessings to you and have a great Sunday

  8. Such a beautiful mirror...I'm glad you found one to remind you of your great-grandmother's. I would have loved to have inherited my grandmother's things, but sadly it wasn't meant to be.

    Loved your post, and appreciate the sentiment behind it. We should all be considerate of others' feelings and keep negative comments to ourselves...


  9. What wonderful eye candy!
    Thank you for sharing the RA story with me- the prednisone does seem to be helping.

  10. Hi Eve, such a beautiful story. I love the mirror. I remember being fasinated with both of my grandma's pie safes. I would open the doors and look inside and just loved the tin doors. I am like you, there was so many in my family that I would have never gotten it. But to this day I still love pie safes. And when I see one I think of both of my wonderful grandma's . Hugs, Lecia

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  12. My dad has a pair of eye glasses like yours that belonged to my grandpa. I love them!


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