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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Colonial Giveaway

Hi prim girls,
 This is my new Colonial Giveaway.  I hoped to it for Presidents' Day but there were other things and could not complete it on time. For this reason, I will choose the winner in the same week. It will be running for two days more only . If you want to participate, hurry and sign up, leave me a comment and you are in. This giveaway is open to everyone that loves colonial decor.  I will be selecting the winner on Saturday Feb 25. 
These are the prizes...
A print of George Washington, the frame was painted and distressed to give a colonial old look.

A News " Harper's Weekly A Journal of Civilization" from New York, Saturday, May 4, 1861 ( Reproduced from a original document)

 The 1st  set of Confederate Currency, from 1800 Virginia $5 to 1864 Confederate States of America $50.

A ink bottle and feather quil,
Copy of the Declaration of United States of America, July 4, 1776
And finally a touch of Spring, a signed Easter rabbit made from a Drakestone Primitive pattern. He is made in Osnaburg that had been strongly stained with a grungy mix to give it a old look. His face is handstiched,  and also he has a prim wool patch on his back.

I hope you enjoy this Giveaway..... Go and leave a comment now... If you post about it in your blog let me know and you will receive a Second Entry.

I am thinking a Spring Giveaway, What things do you like to see in it?  Rabbits, Bonnets, Books, Lamps, etc. Give me ideas.....

Good luck!!!
See you soon, Eve


  1. Wow, what awesome goodies, pleas sign me up!
    I love your pottery with the bunny....I will post this on my sidebar.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. please enter me in, it looks wonderful.

    I like bunnies, and spring flowers for springtime!

  3. Hi Eve!

    Oh my how I would love to win this. And the 25th is Luke's birthday, so that would be a perfect day to win! :) My living room is pretty much Americana prim so this would be perfect! I'm so excited to have a chance to win! I'm headed to my blog now to post it on my sidebar!

    Thanks so much for your very generous giveaway! It's perfect!

    And as far as spring ideas go, all of the things you mentioned were great but I really love bonnets and lamps!

    Have a great day!


  4. Hi Eve,
    What a generous giveaway~ please include me. It would make a great belated b-day gift, as it was on Presidents day.(hint,hint).
    You'll have to visit my blog and see the antiques , collectibles post I did this morning.
    Spring ideas~ anything to do with gardening, bunnies, chicks, flowers, and all your ideas are great.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Prim Blessings,

  5. Hello wonderful giveaway and awesome blog please enter me...Serviesmds@aol.com

  6. please enter me. This is a wonderful blog !

  7. Oh I love George!! Wonderful giveaway.I love everything you do but adore your dolls so maybe a bunny doll for your giveaway.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Hi Eve, I love everything in your giveaway. Please enter me. I added it to my sidebar also. I would like to see a doll or bonnet but I love everything you make. Mary

  9. Eve, A most wonderful giveaway, I would love to be entered1 OLM

  10. Hi, Eve:
    This is such an incredible giveaway. I would love to be entered. I am posting on my sidebar under the Giveaways button. The Confederacy items are perfect since my sister and I are in the DAC.
    Thank you for the chances to win.

  11. Evelyn,

    I would love to be entered in for a chance to win your generous and fabulous giveaway. George would stay up at my house all year - I wouldn't put him away after president's day. Thanks for the chance. ~Ann

  12. Hi Eve...what a sweet and special give away...I'd love to be included!
    Heaven knows I love George...he'd find a special spot in my home!

  13. Hi Eve, I would love for the change to win your Colonial giveaway, if you would please enter me I would be so thrilled. I have also posted on my sidebar for you. Thank you for hosting such a generous and wonderful giveaway. Hugs Mary

  14. What an amazing giveaway Eve!! I absolutely love everything!! I am so trying to do more Colonial in my home - and it is so difficult to find sources for it. I love, love, love, George (and Abe!!) - and that bunny is adorable! I have posted on my blog sidebar and certainly hope this comment posts. Seems several of my comments don't post or are removed for some reason??? I know I commented on your "antiques/collectibles" post (which I enjoyed very much), but my comment "disappeared".... ?? Anyway - love your posts, and your amazing eye for display....As for "things I like to see" - love everything you mentioned - but am especially partial to bunnies and books.... Thank you for another amazing opportunity!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. I would love to enter your give away...such wonderful things...thanks so much for the offer...I will post a link back here on my sidebar.....blessings

  16. Love love love your giveaway! You are so generous! Please include me in the drawing. I will post a link in my giveaway section on my sidebar!
    Thank you so much!

  17. Wow what a great giveaway!! Please enter me!!

  18. Your give away put a sparkle in my eye! I adore everything you are so generously giving away. Please enter me. I am a follower.

  19. Hello Eve...Would love for you to enter me into your giveaway... Fabulous Colonial Goodes you're offering! Thanks a bunch..Traci

  20. Eve,

    Oh I love your blog !

    Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway !

    I have added your giveaway on my sidebar and have also added you to my favorite blogs.

    And I am going to follow your blog.

    I love all the goodies in your photos and they all would go so well in my homestead !

    Anything you would have as a spring giveaway would be wonderful, I am sure ! A prim spring bonnet would sweet !

    Warmest Blessings,

  21. Hi Eve. I think you have such a wonderful giveaway. You did an awesome job on the picture. I would feel guilty entering since I haven't visted for so long though. I just wanted you to know I appreciate your sweet words to me. -Steph-

  22. What a wonderful giveaway. I used to follow and when my computer crashed, I was without for so long and I lost all my personal stuff. I did happen to find your blog through another blog today. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you!

  23. Newbie here from Ohio and enjoying your site a friend of mine linked me over to check out your crock bench and I love it!!!!

  24. So adorable! I just came across your blog, love it! you def have a new follower!