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Monday, April 23, 2012

Asking for advice and pictures of Spring

Hi Girls, 

It's been a long time since my last post, I visited one another blog but I have not been connected as frequently as before. Do not know if I've entered again in a period depressed or if I've lost the way of how I want my house decorated but I am totally confused. Has happened to you this? Have you looked at magazines of different types of decoration and feel completely lost? At that point I find myself now, I look at my house, my things and I find that nothing is right where I put it. I'm really lost. With the passing of time I have been changing from country to primitive country, in a colonial primitive and now I would like to see my decorations in the style farmhouse.
I love old houses decorated with white furniture and accessories in light colors and neutrals. On the other hand I love the elegance of black furniture. The only thing that I have clear is still my favorite pieces of furniture with old lines, the crocks, redware, baskets, yellow ware and Family Heirloom Weavers items. What do you think ... Is this normal? Have experienced this before? Maybe I have been saturated with information from other magazines and what I look around is not what I want at this time.
Even my purpose with this blog has changed or maybe I've changed, before I shared antiques or things I bought, tutorials, make overs, seasonal decorations, and now none of this do. Only occasionally posting some giveaway and nothing else. I thinking about this for weeks to even close the blog because I feel that I have nothing new to bring to you. Maybe I want to find a new north and have a new motivation to make me smile every time I look around me and can say I love how my house is decorated. 
Do not misunderstand me, thank God, I have good, some very nice some that have gone from "trash to treasure" and now have a new life, but I'm stuck in the colors and two types of decoration (Colonial and Farmhouse). I feel this is not letting me see beyond what my eyes, you know what I mean .. I think all we want to decorate for others to tell us how our house looks nice, but more so that we can sit down to have a coffee and look around we see that smile is enough to make us happy. I'm not talking about things more expensive or better quality, I have purchased many things in antique shops but the vast majority were bargains YS, TS, GS, ES, etc ...
Imagine I have purchased the paint several weeks ago and I haven't painted yet. I really like the paints I chose, are quite neutral colors that can be used for any type of decoration. Well enough of complaints, just wish me luck and if you have ideas or tips will be well received. 
Now let me share some pictures of Spring.....

Bye, bye and See you soon,