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Monday, April 23, 2012

Asking for advice and pictures of Spring

Hi Girls, 

It's been a long time since my last post, I visited one another blog but I have not been connected as frequently as before. Do not know if I've entered again in a period depressed or if I've lost the way of how I want my house decorated but I am totally confused. Has happened to you this? Have you looked at magazines of different types of decoration and feel completely lost? At that point I find myself now, I look at my house, my things and I find that nothing is right where I put it. I'm really lost. With the passing of time I have been changing from country to primitive country, in a colonial primitive and now I would like to see my decorations in the style farmhouse.
I love old houses decorated with white furniture and accessories in light colors and neutrals. On the other hand I love the elegance of black furniture. The only thing that I have clear is still my favorite pieces of furniture with old lines, the crocks, redware, baskets, yellow ware and Family Heirloom Weavers items. What do you think ... Is this normal? Have experienced this before? Maybe I have been saturated with information from other magazines and what I look around is not what I want at this time.
Even my purpose with this blog has changed or maybe I've changed, before I shared antiques or things I bought, tutorials, make overs, seasonal decorations, and now none of this do. Only occasionally posting some giveaway and nothing else. I thinking about this for weeks to even close the blog because I feel that I have nothing new to bring to you. Maybe I want to find a new north and have a new motivation to make me smile every time I look around me and can say I love how my house is decorated. 
Do not misunderstand me, thank God, I have good, some very nice some that have gone from "trash to treasure" and now have a new life, but I'm stuck in the colors and two types of decoration (Colonial and Farmhouse). I feel this is not letting me see beyond what my eyes, you know what I mean .. I think all we want to decorate for others to tell us how our house looks nice, but more so that we can sit down to have a coffee and look around we see that smile is enough to make us happy. I'm not talking about things more expensive or better quality, I have purchased many things in antique shops but the vast majority were bargains YS, TS, GS, ES, etc ...
Imagine I have purchased the paint several weeks ago and I haven't painted yet. I really like the paints I chose, are quite neutral colors that can be used for any type of decoration. Well enough of complaints, just wish me luck and if you have ideas or tips will be well received. 
Now let me share some pictures of Spring.....

Bye, bye and See you soon, 


  1. Hi Eve,
    I think we all go through this from time to time. I find myself wanting to change my decor ~especially in the spring. I've gone as far as emptying a room and deciding to re arrange only to find that when I put things back together it's almost the same as when I started. Lol. Magazines and other blogs do have an influence on our thoughts and tastes. Maybe keeping a folder of pictures you find of rooms and decor you like for a period of time, then looking at them all together would give you and idea of what you really want your decor to be.
    I think its normal to want change in our decors. At least, that's my thought.
    Love your spring pics! Especially the bunny on the beeskep bobbin.
    Have a great week!

  2. I think our taste change over time but the things that draw us remain with us.Keep what you love and develop your own style.Beautiful spring gatherings.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Hi Eveylyn!...your pictures of spring are wonderful...don't feel bad about the confusion you're experiencing...it's completely normal for some people to drastically change their taste in decorating styles!...personally, I went from cottage to primitive, how's that for drastic?! LOL!...I had white furniture and pink stuff everywhere and had black furniture and primitive antiques sneaking in left and right...little by little I sold all of my cottage pieces and am now very happy with how my home looks to me...but I also love the farmhouse look and still have a soft spot in my heart for chippy white furniture...I'm redecorating our bedroom in a lighter color palette and am finding it quite soothing...you need to decorate your house how YOU want it, not for how it looks in pictures or to others...do what makes YOU happy and don't worry about being confused...just sit back, relax, and it will come to you...you'll see a picture in a magazine and just know that is the direction you want to go in...have fun!

  4. My philosophy is have only the things you LOVE around you. It makes you and life happier . good luck

  5. Hi

    My advice would be: stick to what you love. My style is a mixture of everything, very eclectic. I think that's what It should be: a personal style, not a magazine.


  6. Good advice you have here. I'll be honest Eve, I haven't seen much of you this past year. I thought maybe something was wrong. I've not gone through this phase yet but I have read about many that do. All those that do, seem very distraught, confused, even angry that they no longer like their decor. But in the end, once they change... every single one of them have been happier! I agree with Jean. Keep some pictures of what you really like together for about 3-6 months, then sit down and really look at them, see what they have in common that you really like about them. Draw your inspiration from there. Best wishes girl, try not to be too hard on yourself!

  7. I have seen a few bloggers completely transform and change thier style. It's the way life is. Nothing can stay the same forver. If you love it, you love it. If you don't, you don't. It's that simple. Put what you love in your home and who cares if it doesn't match. In the end, like you said, you can sit down and smile at your home and be at peace. As for the blogging thing, it's suppose to be fun. -Steph-

  8. Hi Eve,
    I think you are going through what most of us go through...I'm there right now...well have been since I took the Christmas down way back on Jan. 1....nothing has been done as far ad re-decorating and changing things out. Spring is still packed away in the basement and there's really no desire at the moment to get any of it out.
    I keep hoping the decorating bug will hit me too but until then I'll just cope.
    Hope you get your mojo back soon...you always have so much to share with us.
    And that being said...I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK IN BLOGLAND. Missed ya!


  9. And I thought I was going crazy! Thanks for sharing your feelings!I think my problem is a combination of being overwhelmed at the thought of changing everything and I like too many things and styles. I have been asking myself that I may admire the look, but could I live in it. I think I am getting somewhere now. I can appreciate many styles.Took 4 loads to Goodwill over the weekend and felt a bit relieved. Good luck.

  10. Hi Eve, Yep... the decorating rut. I am stuck there too. That's why I haven't been posting much. It will come again... it always does. Your spring items are really cute though!

    Have a beautiful day and good to see you back too!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. Friends and Anonymous, Thanks you so much from the bottom of my heart for visiting my blog and leave your sweets comments. Really, I appreciate your visit and your advice.Thanks for the ideas and you are right, my house doesn't need to have a magazine look but need to have things that fill me in many ways. Blessings to all, Eve

  12. Eve I understand how you feel about your house. Just collect what you love... It doesn't matter what style they are as long as they make you happy. My house is really a mixed bag of goodies but I love everything I have. :0) I think you have the spring cleaning/changing the house bug...it happens to me every spring...LOL. Love the photos of all your spring goodies. :0)

  13. Hello Eve - Late to the party again, I am, but thought I saw a post of yours a bit back and came and hunted it down. So glad I did....You have such wonderful spring treasures! All those glorious, glorious, bunnies!!

    As for your decor dilemma - I can very much relate to what you are going through - but mine seems to be more of I LIKE so many different styles....It's very hard for me to "settle" on one....and if I manage to, by the time I can afford and find what I want to accomplish the look, it's years past being the "in" thing. I look at some of the primitive homes; some of the stark Colonial looks and love it all....and, yes, I've been wooed by the neutral farmhouse style - and still go gaga over the French farmhouse style. But, I have two problems: (1) My house does not have the space, nor the "bones" for a consistent or trended style: It is very small, so that lovely "stark/minimalist" look I crave just ain't gonna happen. I also have tons of inherent, unremovable woodwork and an open layout - so old farmhouse/beachy, pure colonial, etc. just won't work for me. (2) I LIKE too many different things. Could I go strickly "prim"? Perhaps - but that would mean sacrificing my quirky love for vintage - vintage Halloween; vintage chocolate molds; my sometime forays into the Victorian (old sewing notions and collectibles); and just the plain old funky.....

    So, I'm left with, my house will not likely ever be featured in any magazine anywhere; nor will anyone be able to say - oh, her house is done in such-n-such a style....I simply surround myself with things I love and treasure - most usually they have some kind of "theme" (a deep respect for antiques - especially those of a utilitarian nature; quirky vintage; and my beloved Halloween)....it is what it is, and it is as "me" as it gets. Like Dr. Seuss said: "Today you are you
    That is truer than true
    There is no one alive
    Who is youer than you."

    Just go ahead and be you Eve - Everything I've ever seen about "your" style has been beautiful - and, in fact, your decor is one I aspire to when I think of where I'd like to take my home.....

    Oh - and please don't give up on blogging....I'd so miss you....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. Beautiful Spring pictures!!!!

    I think we all go through this. I know you have visited my blog and you know I'm going through it now. It's not that I'm changing my style, but decluttering. Only keeping what I LOVE. I have not had the urge to go to the thrift stores or buy anything new for awhile now. I am cleaning up and "simplifying" like many other bloggers are doing. Don't be hasty in your decisions... maybe just buy or use small things in the style you'd like to change to to be sure you like it. Good luck :-)

  15. I was thinking about you today and thought I would stop by and say Hello! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Spring!

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