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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yard Sale Goodies

Happy Tuesday Girls! Hope you had a great Holiday weekend! Here pictures of the yard sale goodies that I have gotten this Saturday.

Chair $6.00
Tea lights 50 cents/ bag,

Wood Box 50 cents,

Gameboard $1.00,
Quilt Rack $3.00 ( About 6 f long),

Basket 25 cents,

For now that is all that I have to share of the goodies that I have found during this weekend. I will be posting more makeovers during this week. Stay tuned and see you soon.....


  1. WOW - What great finds!! I love that chair especially!!

  2. You practically stole every single piece that you purchased, the prices are so low!
    I love the seat on the ladder back chair.
    Looking forward to seeing your makeovers this week!

  3. So many makeovers and TS goodies! Love 'em!

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