I just like to thank you for taking the time to sit back and visit my blog. I am blessed to have a healthy family, beautiful kids and a lovely dog. Love to share ideas and decorations with you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Winner is

Hi prim ladies, 
This is my first giveaway and for me it was a huge success!!!!    

We are waiting for almost three weeks but now it's finish.  First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone, your participation was so appreciated. Thanks for taking time and left me a comment and/or make a link of my giveaway. 

Girls be prepared, I love this!  I am completely sure that I will being doing this again very soon.

  I used Random .org to select the winner. 
The winner number is 50.

Karen @ My Colonial Home said...
Morning Evelyn, what a generous gift you are offering. I am and have been a follower for quite some time...always have enjoyed your blog. How Prim your home and decorating always is - it's such a comfortable feel. so pleas enter me in your wonderful GIVE A-WAY this month. Hugs, Karen kmprimitives@yahoo.com
Yes, Karen you are the winner. Congratulations!!!

Please, email me and give me your address to send it right away! Your package is ready and waiting for you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whatcha Working On Wednesdays,

Hi prim girls,
Today is Whatcha Working on Wednesday! at Leslie's blog,
My Country Home.
I was working with this Harvest Angel make do.  He is so cute and  was made from stained osnaburg, his wings are painted in yellow ochre.  His nose is hand stitched and the eyes are vintage buttons.  This angel is securely attached to a wood beehive spool.


 On Saturday, I found these pewter pieces in a Thrift Store  and only spend $2.00. The last one was in the GW and it cost me less than $4.

MY Fall / Birthday Givewaway is officially closed

Hi Prim Girls,
Yes, my giveaway is closed.  This week I was working with the participants list.  It includes my followers, the blog ladies that leave comments and the name of each blogger that mentioned the link of the giveaway post.   I was checking each blog, it was a hard work but I want to be fair with the rest of you and made sure that the list had the correct entries for each one.

The list was finished and tomorrow morning I will be enter in Random.org to select the winner.

Thank you to everyone that entered in my first giveaway.  GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!! 

Bye, Bye and see you soon. 

Friday, September 18, 2009

Crock Bench Tutorial

 Hi Prim girls,

I am not an expert  "Tutorial Maker " like Kris from Simply Prim or Char from The Pickled Pepper Patch, but I will show you the steps that I followed to make this project, a Crock Bench. Love Kris and Char's blogs and their awesome ideas. 

You will made this project for only $16.97.  Yes, that is the quantity that I spend in the materials ( including tax).  This project is very similar to the dry sink tutorial that I posted days ago. 

You'll need the following materials:

  • piece of 1" x 12" x 4' wood board
  • piece of 1" x10" x 6' wood board
  • piece of 3/4" x 3" x 6' wood board
  • scrap of wood of  2" x 25 "
  • wood nails
  • wood glue
  • sander
  • gig saw
  • Paints ( I choose black and barn red)
  • Stain

Using a piece of 1x10, cut 2 pieces of 29 1/2" long.  In one side of the piece, measure 2" from the edges to inside and mark each points. Measure 5" from the bottom of the piece to the top and draw a semi circle. Connect that semi circle with the points from the edges. Make the same in the next piece.

Your bench legs will look like this.

Take your 1x12 board to make the top and the bottom pieces of the table. Measure 25" from the edge and cut your first piece (this will be the table top) and your shelf will be the remain quantity of the board (23 inches long).

We are ready to mount the bench. Take your bench legs and measured 14 inches since the edge, mark and placed the bottom shelf.  Put the piece between legs and secure it with glue and nails.

Now, put the table top using the piece of 25 inches. Remember, use glue and nail to secure each piece  to give strength to the bench.  Look how it looks with all pieces together.

Using the board  of 3/4" x 3" cut  the following: a piece of 25" long and  place it in the back of the table top.   Now cut two pieces of wood  of 11 3/4"  for the sides of the top.  I took one side of the board and make a drawing of a curve to give character to the piece.  Make the same to the other piece.  Secure them on both sides of the top.

Your top will looks like this.

To give support to the piece attached a piece of wood to the back of the bench.

Your piece is now finished..

Round the edges and make sure all sanding has been completed prior to painting. Give the base color and then apply the color you want.  In this piece I used barn red over black.

To give a distressed look, use the sander and remove paint in the specific areas to create a worn look.

Then apply stain. Now your piece looks old and primitive.

  Love this new piece. 

Well, I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much I enjoyed making this piece.

Bye, Bye and see you soon..... Evelyn

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wonderful giveaways in the blog land - List was updated

Hi prim girls,
I am so " generous" today and I want to share with you the opportunity to win these giveaways. LOL. Run and see these wonderful drawings that are running now in the " blog land" .





Love them!. I hope I win at least one. Good luck to you too.

Bye, bye and see you soon.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Watcha working on Wednesday and other things

Hi Prim girls,
Do you remember a tutorial that Kris from Simply Prim posted few days ago showing a beautiful peg rack that she made. Well, I got one, my husband made one for me last week but I completed the paint job on it this weekend. I put it at the top of my stairs. I love that piece, it is simply beautiful. Thank you Kris for share it with us.

Look my piece. I used barn red on it because I had too many pieces in mustard tones and I think it looks great with the wall color. ( Wall Cream color is more darker than the picture).

In a previous post I showed you a few pieces that I bought in a GW last week, here are the makeovers of two of them.

The large peg rack......I painted it yellow ochre over black. Sanded and stained to give a worn look.
Remember the strainer ( it cost me only 50 cents) and look it now. I made this shoo fly following Char's tutorial instructions that appear in the last Mercantile Gathering magazine.

These are new goodies that I found in the TS yesterday,
This IKEA lamp with shade only cost me .62 cents ( including tax). It will be receive a "prim makeover" very soon.
The beautiful prim jug was $1.25 ( including tax). Not bad for a signed pottery piece in mint condition. It is so cute and is about 6" tall. And the last piece is this wooden bowl. It is beautiful and had a nice patina. But it was the most expensive of my findings $3.59. LOL

Few weeks ago, I requested this set to Kindra , she is so sweet as seller and it comes so quickly. Love this set. Can't wait to order one for Winter. Thank you Kindra...
Today is Watcha working on Wednesday in Leslie's blog (http://sweets-mycountryhome.blogspot.com). I never discard wood pieces without thinking if the size of the piece can help me in the next project.
Well, I found two square pieces that I used to make additional Fall blocks. I hand painted pumpkins on it. Look the scrap pieces now....

Also, this weekend Michael's offered a 50% coupon that I used to buy a little cupboard. Today , I was working with the painting process. I will show you the finished piece in the afternoon. Now, it is in this step.

This is the piece.... painted, stained and finished.

Love how it looks, I want another one!

Bye, Bye and see you soon....