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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall decoration

Hi prim girls,
This week I spend time getting my Fall decorations out of the boxes. Love fall color.... deep orange, yellow, brown... Here some pictures of my decoration.

I had a lot of fun moving items from one site to another. Also, I noticed that I need more items, this house is the double size of my last house and my decorations looks missing in some places.

Early today, I worked with wood and paint.
I remembered that I had some pieces of wood from my last project and made this...

Fall blocks. Together...
and in two different places.
Do you remember a gameboard that I made a makeover from apples to a prim star ? If not, here are the pic's....

Now, I decide to worked with the other side of the board and made this " new" gameboard with leaves on it. Just perfect for the Autumn Season.

Bye, Bye and see you soon... Evelyn


  1. Hi Evelyn, your fall decoating is wonderful! I love your header photo, too. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Evelyn, I love all your wonderful Fall decorations. I love clicking on the photos and seeing them large...makes it feel like you are really there looking at them.

  3. Eveyln, your decorations are so pretty! Love the header picture...so prim and fall like.

  4. I love how you have decorated for fall so far! Your little blocks turned out great and the game board...well fantastic job! I was even more excited to see that you turned it over and did the other side! You are a woman after my own heart! I have a few signs that I made for a particular season and when it was over, I made an everyday sign on the other side :) It's not only thrifty, but it's also practical!

  5. Lovin' your fall decorations. I need to finish mine up and hope to do that soon. Can't wait to see more goodies from you. Your gameboards look GREAT!!

  6. Love all the fall decorating that you did!! Great idea to make the game-board two sided!!
    I hope to start putting out my fall stuff soon.

  7. Beautiful fall decorating! I love the subtle colors you choose, especially in your header photo.