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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New makeovers and a Bowl rack

Hi prim girls, In a GW for $ 3.29, I founded this prim shelf, it was cute but painted in antique white and looks simple. After a few days of thinking where I used it, I decide the following...
Change this piece a little bit, and turn it not only nice and prim, but functional too. This is my shelf now....
So, I make a cabinet to cover the thermostat controls in my hallway. I always hated them and finally they are out of my sight. Yes, they are behind it and the piece looks much better now.

Also, I want to share the makeover of a wooden shelf that I posted last week. It was a nice piece but Lisa from Prims from Above was right, it needs a prim makeover. Here is the piece before...
And now,

Two nights ago, my husband makes this piece for me. Love your pictures of the bowl racks and I 've been wanted to make one for a long time, but in the house that I was living; we do not have a spot for one. Finally, I have one in my new house, a large wall in my dinning room and I put it on. I like the way that my bowls are now displayed but think that the wall needs more. Please, share your awesome decor ideas with me. Also, the dinning room needs urgently a paint job. Any suggestion?, it will be much appreciated.

Bye, bye and see you soon.... Evelyn


  1. I love them all...but I have to say that my favorite is the thermostat cover...very cleaver!
    Have a great week!

  2. I love what you have done with that thermostat cover! What a great idea you came up with!

  3. Evelyn,

    Everything looks great!! I love your make-overs and that bowl rack turned out fabulous! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your week.


  4. Love your makeovers and the bowl rack!! My favorite is the shelf that covers the thermostat...I would of never known it was behind there, had you not shown the picture of it.

  5. Uh...I'll take one of each! lol Nice work on all of those pieces! The thermostat cover?? The shelf had great potential before...but WOW! I'm marking you for my favorites right this very moment :) THanks for sharing and can't wait to see what else you do with your walls!

  6. Love the makeovers and your new bowl rack! I always tend to go toward warm tans for walls, but can't wait to see what you decide!