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Monday, November 16, 2009

TS finds

Hi prim girls, 
For several weeks, I was in various TS and GW and returned to my home with nothing in my hands. They had good items, but not in my style or not in my budget. I don't know what happen ultimately but the prices in TS and GW are too high, sometimes like pieces completely new. Do you observed the same in yours?? Well, I want to show you the my last findings. Few weeks ago, I was in the Salvation Army and founded two crocks like this (#5),  one was in mint condition for $100 and another had hair lines and cracks for $75. Do you believed those prices for a TS?, I think they are prices that I will found in an antique store but not for a TS. Well, I love the crocks but  they are above my budget.  I am waiting some weeks and returned to the store this week, and look what I founded the crock in mint condition for $25.  Now, here is it in my home.

 Also, this weekend in the GW I founded two wooden bowls for $2.00/pair. They need a prim makeover so soon, but are in good condition.

More bowls that I founded last week in other TS for $3/set. ( 5 pieces)

Old rug beater for $1.50.

This basket for 50 cents.

Wooden Santa ( in the middle) for $1, others are 50 cents ea. ( Sorry, this picture is too bright). Love the wooden Santa it looks old and is in mint condition.

This wool runner for $2.00. I think is perfect for Christmas.

Iron reindeer for $1.29.

Pineapple lamp for $2.

Bye, bye and see you soon,


  1. Some great finds, and yes, the thrifts are getting ridiculous with pricing, I get better deals at our consignments. I hit them on dollar days now and/or wait for mark downs. I also find the salvation charges high on something stupid and for a buck, I get an antique, they really need someone who knows how to price;)


  2. The crock is super!
    I have noticed that some thrift stores have increased their prices for...to me..the strangests of things. I guess this makes it all the more exciting when we do find a bargain!
    Thanks so much for sharing your finds. :)

  3. The GW's in my area are the same way. Department store prices on everything. One day they had a leather couch and chair for over $1,000. Wow was all I could say. Glad you finally got your crock and at a price you thought was reasonable. My favs are the wool runner and the pineapple. You did good for yourself.
    Enjoy your week Evelyn,

  4. Evelyn, You hit the jackpot! Great Crock! I would have picked it up too! I don't very often see those in our TS's. Your other items are wonderful too! You lucky girl! Some think I am crazy going as often as I do, but many times I leave with nothing. You don't find the treasures if you don't haunt the place! Have fun with them.

  5. Great items!! Wish I could find a store like that around me!

  6. Wow, you got some great stuff there! I love
    the pineapple lamp, first time I have seen
    one! The bowls were a good deal!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Yes prices have gotten crazy in the TS here too! I used to get some nice things from our Human for Humanity REstore but the prices have just got out of hand! Love all your finds, i really like that runner!

  8. I totally agree on the prices at TS's and Goodwill. You might as well go find 'em new for the same price. They would make alot more $$$ if they would sell at a resonable price!
    My Goodwill had a beatiful cabinet all ready prim'd but they wanted $299.00 for it ! You did get a good price on the crock and it looks perfect with your tree in it.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins
    Teresa Jo

  9. Great finds!! Love the wood bowls and that crock is awesome. You have been lucky when it comes to shopping there at the TS. I passed up so many stores this weekend because I didn't have the extra money and all I have thought about since then was "Oh, you wonder what goodies they had in there." Probably a good thing I didn't stop because then I would have been disappointed leaving stuff behind (lol).


  10. what great finds!!! I have noticed prices have gone up. It is almost like they know we are coming that day and that is what we really want to buy- hee hee. Enjoy them, Kim the prim schoolmarm

  11. You have some wonderful finds there! Love that crock!

  12. Wow you hit the jackpot! Love the pineapple lamp how neat and the Santa is just as neat:)

  13. I have to agree with you on the prices at our local GW. I think they're high too.
    You found some great items though and that crock was a deal at $25.00! Woohoo for you!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  14. Awesome finds!! I am in Canada, and have always found GW to be overpriced. My sister laughed at me once for saying that, but for those who shop there, they know it to be true!! :)

  15. Great finds! I really would love an old crock like that too..but you are right, always so expensive...glad you finally found yours at a decent price!

  16. Great finds!! I agree, the TS prices here in Canada are crazy at times.. and this stuff is all donated.. sooo.. anyway, have fun with the bowls! :)