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Friday, October 30, 2009

Tweaking on Thursday!

Hi girls,
As mentioned before this house is larger than the previous one where I lived, by this,  I had some empty spaces yet. My living room is one of them, but I don't buy any furniture due to I want specific pieces like this...

which means huge quantity of $$$$$$ and I need to wait more time for them.( Love pictures from Irvin's catalog. Everything looks amazing). But this week, I was in the GW and found this love seat, it is not in perfect condition but had great shape and potential (and at this moment that is what I need). I was thinking some time if I change its fabric and legs, it could be a nice piece and only cost $25. 

  As you see in the pictures the living room was empty until yesterday.  After few hours "tweaking" and "shopping" things around my house, and moving chairs, tables, cupboards, stitcheries, everything.  Here are the pictures of my living room now....


  1. WOW....it all looks amazing!! You did a great job "shopping from home"! Looks very comfy & homey.

  2. Now that is a transformation!! That piece will look wonderful when you make the changes but in the meantime, at least it is neutral!!

  3. WoW! You found that awesome piece for only $25?
    I love the way your room looks...you definitely have a good eye for decorating!
    LOVE it all!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Evelyn,
    Everything looks awesome & that sofa will be fine until you decide to change it. Love your tweaking.

  5. I am so amazed you found the love seat for twenty-five dollars, that's awesome!!
    I love what you did with your room, especially what you decided to place around your new piece.
    Your home looks lovely...the wood floors are smashing!
    Thanks so much for sharing what you did...I could use some inspiration right now.

  6. YOu did a great job girl!! That loveseat was a great find and price!

  7. Your living room looks so comfy ~ and what a great buy on the loveseat. It has tons of potential, but also looks great just as it is.

  8. Evelyn you are doing a wonderful job decorating. What a steal for only $25 for that couch. I see such potential in it. I wouldn't bother changing the fabric but the leg change is a good idea if you can do it. Drape a coverlett over the back of it and call it a day.
    Loved looking at your home.

  9. Looks great! There is a brand of furniture in the style you like called Johnston Benchworks. If you watch they run sales one to two times a year and I'm pretty sure that it comes from the company - so all the stores that carry their brand honor the sale.

    Can't wait to see more of what you do!

  10. Wow, Evelyn!! Your Living room looks amazing!! Great job! I love your "new" couch and for ONLY $25?!! What a fabulous deal!

    Take care,

  11. AWESOME job! It looks Amazing! I think the love seat has great potential! Great Job!!

  12. You have so much room. That is a pretty cool couch!I love your wood chairs! You did a great job on the redo!

  13. Great job....everything looks amazing..


  14. Love your room, you did a great job! If you
    don't want that much white showing on your
    loveseat, just add more pillows.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  15. That was a great find for only $25.00 and it looks so nice in your livingroom...a coverlet would look great, as someone suggested and some prim pillows:) Love your wood floors too!

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  17. Wow!! What a fantastic job! Love it! Looks so cozy now.

  18. What an awesome find for the money! The room looks great too!

  19. Nice job on the room. Accessories make such a difference and all of yours make your room look so comfortable.